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Can You Find The Clues ?

Race against the clock to connect hints and emerge victorious.

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Just like when we opened in 2016, EscapeWorks Denver wants to push the boundaries of your experience! Our rooms are designed to totally immerse you in your chosen scenario.

We want you to feel like you are really there, to feel the pulse pounding thrill of trying to break into a casino vault or be transported back to the time of prohibition and the excitement of finding your way into a gangster’s speakeasy.

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A Whole New Experience

Locally Developed

Our escape rooms are one of a kind! Each of our rooms are designed onsite, and tested thoroughly by our game masters.

Explore Multiple Areas

Each experience has multiple rooms for your group to explore! You’ll need to search every inch for your way out.

Beyond the "First Generation"

Our rooms are considered “second” or “third” generation rooms- we use electronics, relays, and programs to run seamless escapes.

Fully Immersive Experiences

We continue to maintain and optimize our rooms- We constantly update decor and game elements to provide the best customer experience.

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When seeking a genuine escape room experience in Denver, we have just what you’re looking for. You and your team of 2 to 12 friends will love our thrilling theme-based rooms, each of which offers players 60 minutes to complete puzzles and make their escape.

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Blackbeard’s Brig

On the hunt for Blackbeard the Pirate, you find yourself captured by the dastardly scoundrel and thrown into the ship’s brig. Now you must escape the brig and take the helm to sail away to freedom, with your booty in tow.

  • Success Rate: 45.8%
  • Record Time: 17:11
  • Average Escape Time: 49:29
Book Room $35
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Egyptian Tomb

You and an intrepid team of archaeologists must enter an Egyptian tomb that’s been sealed since the 1940s. Your mission? To find information on a famed archaeologist who hasn’t been seen since entering the tomb decades ago.

  • Success Rate: 34.3%
  • Record Time: 29:07
  • Average Escape Time: 45:55
Book Room $35
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Casino Heist

Our Casino Heist room gives you a taste of what it’s like to be double-crossed. After months of meticulous planning, the mastermind of the heist decides to go it alone.

  • Success Rate: 29.2%
  • Record Time: 31:00
  • Average Escape Time: 51:12
Book Room $35
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Vampire Hunter

In EscapeWorks Denver’s newest (and most immersive) game room debut, ancient evil has been awakened in a town cemetery. Those who go outside after sunset, never return home.

  • Success Rate: TBD
  • Record Time: 46:06
  • Average Escape Time: 53:42
Book Room $38
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The Speakeasy

Take a trip back in time to 1926, the prohibition era. While alcohol is illegal, crime is on the rise in the form of back-alley deals, police collusion, and mobsters ruling the town. You see an innocent looking flower shop, but is it really what it seems?

  • Success Rate: 41.9%
  • Record Time: 37:00
  • Average Escape Time: 48:22
Book Room $35

New Location & Rooms Coming Soon

An unforgettable adventure at Escapeworks Ballpark, our new location opening this Fall! Located at the intersection of 19th and Blake, steps away from Coors Field, our state-of-the-art facility promises immersive escape room experiences like never before.

  • Success Rate: TBD
  • Record Time: TBD
  • Average Escape Time: TBD
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People Admire Our Rooms

There is paid parking options near this location. Friendly, helpful staff and a fun experience! Felix was a great game master! We were able to make it out in under an hour with 4 people.

Sarah Kallsen

Sarah Kallsen

Helen was an amazing worker! She helped us with our escape room and she was incredibly kind. Helen really made my experience completely worth it! I would come back just to talk with Helen!

Olivia Svenson

Olivia Svenson