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A workplace is only as strong as its employees. Accordingly, it’s in the best interest of business owners to foster togetherness between team members, both for their benefit and for the benefit of the company.

While EscapeWorks Denver is known for offering thrills and adventure to guests, we can also help your business become stronger. Partaking in one of our team building activities can strengthen bonds within your workplace for improved productivity and satisfaction.

Why Is Team Bonding So Important?

Consider how much time you and your staff spend together in the workplace. Most people these days work long hours, which means they might see their co-workers more than their loved ones some weeks.

As a result, you must develop a strong bond between your staff to ensure the best possible working environment. When you take steps to enhance workplace bonds, you’ll experience the following benefits:

Additionally, visiting an escape room also provides plenty of fun and entertainment, and is personally fulfilling beyond just work benefits.


How Can EscapeWorks Denver Help Your Team Grow Strong Bonds?

When it comes to team building, our escape games can be tailored to groups of 13 people and larger. You can choose a private experience, which means only you and your team members will participate. Depending on when you schedule the session, we will also offer a reduced rate to ensure you maintain a healthy bottom line at your place of work.

Visit our team building booking page for more information or to reserve your slot. If you’re new to escape games, you can also check out some FAQs before scheduling a visit.

Blackbeard's Brig

You've been sent to capture the notorious pirate Blackbeard, but instead he's captured you! If you can escape the brig and sail to safety, you'll be rewarded with the pirate's booty - but watch out for Squawkers, Blackbeard's crusty parrot!

Recommended for: Great for families and large groups-but avast, not for landlubbers!

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$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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