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Here at EscapeWorks Denver, we believe in providing a fun and thrilling experience to our guests. Our themed escape rooms offer plenty of surprises, as well as puzzles designed to really test your problem-solving abilities.

Whether on a first date, with a group of friends, or enjoying a new experience with your family, we want all guests to walk away feeling completely satisfied. That’s why we meticulously plan our escape rooms and develop themes that offer the most intrigue and excitement. When visiting us, guests can choose from the following options:

The Rooms

On the hunt for Blackbeard the Pirate, you find yourself captured by the dastardly scoundrel and thrown into the ship’s brig. Now you must escape the brig and take the helm to sail away to freedom, with your booty in tow. But be careful, as Blackbeard’s trusty parrot Squawkers is always watching. This room is perfect for larger groups, as well as families in search of some high seas’ adventures.
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You and an intrepid team of archaeologists must enter an Egyptian tomb that’s been sealed since the 1940s. Your mission? To find information on a famed archaeologist who hasn’t been seen since entering the tomb decades ago. Upon finding the information, you must make a dashing escape from the Egyptian Tomb in 60 minutes or less. New players love this room for its moderately challenging puzzles, making it ideal for families and teens.
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Our Casino Heist room gives you a taste of what it’s like to be double-crossed. After months of meticulous planning, the mastermind of the heist decides to go it alone. After ratting you and your group out to the police, in the hopes of performing the heist himself, you must pull off the plan in 60 minutes or less to ensure the riches – and your freedom. This challenging room is ideal for experienced players.
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Take a trip back in time to 1926, the prohibition era. While alcohol is illegal, crime is on the rise in the form of back-alley deals, police collusion, and mobsters ruling the town. You see an innocent looking flower shop, but is it really what it seems? There’s only one way to find out, so you cross the threshold into a smoky, mysterious abyss. The Speakeasy is perfect for groups, including those seeking a corporate team-building exercise.
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In EscapeWorks Denver's newest (and most immersive) game room debut, ancient evil has been awakened in a town cemetery. Those who go outside after sunset, never return home. The locals have tried to fight the evil on their own, but after the mayor's daughter was reported missing - they're recruiting your team of vampire hunting skills to bring their beloved home. You've been offered a hefty reward in exchange for her safe return. You can't help but feel regret, as your team heads for the crypt in the middle of the night.
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$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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