July 10

5 local eateries in downtown Denver


EscapeWorks Denver is located right off 16th Street, which has always been home to a collection of great restaurants. In this post, we’d like to share a number of great locations you can bring your family and friends for pick-up or sit-down eating, as well as define what dining regulations are in place to keep your group of escapees safe and healthy. 

Asada Rico
16th Street Mall/Stout Intersection

Annual Report

            If you’re booked for an early room and need a quick breakfast before you head over, Asada Rico is the perfect stop for a Western breakfast. Asada’s got the best breakfast burritos on 16th, and it has always been a staple stop for myself and my coworkers. Most of us are in delicious breakfast burrito-debt to each other, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

            Asada’s a food truck, so it’s not the place to take a load off and wait. The other locations on this list, however, are perfect if you find yourself in need of a table.

Sam’s No. 3
1500 Curtis St

Denver - Picture of Sam's No. 3, Denver - Tripadvisor

            As the classic diner of downtown Denver, Sam’s No. 3 has had a nearly centennial history of serving food to the city. They’re always ready to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even have a wide drinks menu if you’re in the mood for brunch. Be sure to keep an eye out for some Hatch green chile if you like it hot!

            At the moment, masks are required while walking around the restaurant, but not while you’re sitting at a table. They’ve also got QR-coded menus and are operating at half capacity in order to operate under social distancing.

Rialto Cafe
934 16th Street

Rialto Cafe | Downtown Denver | American | Restaurant | Westword

If you’re looking for upscale cuisine during the afternoon or later, Rialto Cafe has a robust selection of classic American foods. Wings, burgers, and a variety of happy hour discounts are abundant at the cafe. They have also clearly listed their procedures at, so make sure to give it a look so you’re fully prepared for your dining experience.

Little India
1533 Champa St
(re-opening July 16)

Little India Restaurant Champa Downtown - Home - Denver, Colorado ...

Voted best Indian food and best Indian buffet in Denver for over 16 years, Little India is a favorite with the staff at EscapeWorks Denver. Great for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, they feature some of the most popular flavors of Northern India. Don’t forget a sweet or salty lassi on the hot summer days.

Cheba Hut Toasted Subs
1531 Champa St

The Cheba Hut | Eatconomy

            Our neighbors at Cheba Hut are always a go-to stop if you’re in the mood to pick up a quick lunch. They’re a great landmark for finding our hole-in-the-wall entrance, too… If you can smell the rich aroma of sandwiches (and only sandwiches, of course), simply look further down Champa with 16th Street behind you and you’ll find our modest door.

            And when you’re booking your room online be sure to use the code JULYSAVE on your booking in order to get your fourth member free in a booking of four or more, through Friday 7/10. Just be sure to have your post-escape meal planned when- excuse me, if– you make it out!


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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