October 25

A Denver Scavenger Hunt For The Ages

Denver Scavenger Hunt

Whether it’s for a party or simply a way to have a bit of an adventure, scavenger hunts are a staple activity to bring some excitement to any day. But as the temperature drops and the weather makes being outdoors quite literally painful, the game becomes less of an exciting exploration and more of a needless journey. If you’re lucky to live in Denver, scavenger hunt season never ends thanks to a special place called EscapeWorks. No matter when or why you have that craving for adventure and exploration, an exhilarating scavenger hunt awaits you in the form of a family-friendly, mind-blowing escape room.

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Scavenger Hunt Variation

Not many people realize how similar escape rooms and typical scavenger hunts are. In fact, some people even refer to escape rooms as scavenger rooms because of how they are designed and solved. The point of both activities is to work together to figure out the puzzles and clues you stumble across in order to complete the “mission” and beat the clock or other teams. Escape rooms are just scavenger hunts with elaborate themes confined to a certain room, and especially for groups of kids or young teens, that’s usually a safer and more desirable venue.

All Ages Welcome

Speaking of kids, it’s hard to balance fun and challenge in an activity or scavenger hunt when there’s an age range of even a couple of years. With Old-Man Winter bearing down on us, no one is going to want to wander around a city or neighborhood, much less a group of youngsters. But the great thing about an escape room is that everyone is limited to one space to take the legwork out of keeping track of them all, and it’s protected from weather woes that could rain on your parade. Also in the “pros column” for escape rooms is the range of difficulties to cater to every age and the variety of themes that will satisfy anyone’s idea of an adventure.

A Stop On the Road

If you don’t want your fun to end when you finish your escape room, you could make EscapeWorks just a stop on a Denver-wide scavenger hunt for the best activities. EscapeWorks is stationed downtown surrounded by Denver’s best eateries and attractions, so even if you’re not keen on walking around the city in the cold, you don’t have far to go from one stop to the next. Whether you want your scavenger hunt to be purely for entertainment or to educate others on the history and uniqueness of Denver, EscapeWorks is a perfect stop to make on your exploration.

Scavenger hunts don’t have to end along with the warm weather. For an exciting stop along your Denver scavenger hunt or just a condensed, family-friendly hunt, visit EscapeWorks and try out one of our five escape rooms. To plan your adventure, simply book a timeslot to experience the best of what escape rooms and scavenger hunts have to offer.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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