August 23

A Night of Entertainment

Unique Entertainment

Denver has so much to offer in the way of entertainment; especially interactive entertainment. The usual dinner and a movie don’t seem to hold water to some of the other avenues you can try anymore.

For example, do you like to be on the edge of suspense? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a real-time moment in your own thrill-novel? EscapeWorks has created this very feeling. It will have you wanting to return time and again for the challenge of what some call the Denver escape room. Are you intrigued?

Picture being in a room with a few others; behind a locked door. The atmosphere is tense. You only have an hour to successfully escape. Puzzles to figure out; codes to crack, and clues to lead you the way out before the clock strikes. Are you up to the challenge?

Show off your expertise in problem-solving. There is great satisfaction in cracking all the codes, clues, locks, and puzzles. EscapeWorks has created a way for your mind to be constantly engaged in the ultimate adventure. There will be no room for the outside world for all your concentration will be on surviving. There will be no room for thinking about impossibilities for anything is possible with the right frame of mind. As you work through the scenario, you are honing your skills and sharpening your intellect for the ultimate challenge.

There are those who have said, “…It felt like we were really there.” The Denver puzzle rooms are amazing to behold making the affect real. The surroundings are authentic and magical. The experience is something new and different every time you return. An alternative source of thrilling entertainment while you gain confidence in your strides toward victory over the locked room.

Become an archeologist inside an Egyptian tomb and find out the fate of the disappearance of a previous archeologist, and then try to escape. What will fate bestow at your attempt?

Try being the all-star of the football team, and the opposing side has locked you up! Take the initiative, and get yourself out before kickoff. Teach those guys that they won’t get the best of you. You’ll conquer all their efforts of sabotage. It’s your victory; your game. You can imagine the crowd roaring in support of you and your team. You won’t let them down.

There is more in this world of interactive entertainment such as the dinner mystery, or indoor/outdoor games and rides. These are wonderful and fun, escaping the hum-drum of the usual date idea. The avenues of unique entertainment are there for the taking because you want something different.

Contact EscapeWorks today for more information about these challenging escape rooms. Experience the realistic effects of the scenario, and give in to your inner sleuth. It will all be worth it to succeed.

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$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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