June 1
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Adventurous Things to do in Denver this Summer!

Welcome to the first day of June, everyone! While we love indoor activities (we’re a little biased), we’ll showcase some great outdoor activities for you while you’re adventuring across Denver and searching for things to do. Take a look at our personal top five Denver hot spots!

Things to do - A Dragon Boat sails Sloan's Lake

Relax at Sloan’s Lake

Sloan’s Lake is a perfectly peaceful place to relax. The lake is perfectly sized, offering a refreshing hour-long walk and a view of rolling water. When you’ve been searching for things to do all day, Sloan’s is a great place to take it easy! Search for events happening in the area; the annual Dragon Boat races are hosted here, and it’s a great opportunity to experience the community!

Things to do - an aerial view of McGregor Square

Experience the Circle at McGregor Square

You can even find great outdoor things to do downtown! McGregor Square is located close to Denver’s Coors Field, and is situated around a number of tall buildings; but the square is uncovered, and is always full of interesting fairs, markets, and community activities. They keep tabs on their events here; they’re hosting outdoor movies and events for Pride Month!

Things to Do - Red Rocks View

More than Musical Things to do at Red Rocks

Denver’s most exciting outdoor venue is no stranger to these blog posts; there’s always a great number of artists playing there! But did you know that the Rocks also host a number of hiking trails, scenic spots, and other things to do? Check out the listing on AllTrails to see where you could go; Red Rocks is one of the most beautiful spots in the state!

Things to Do - A view of Confluence Park's steps surrounding the river

Enjoy Urban Nature at Confluence Park

This one is a little-known area. Confluence Park is hidden on the outskirts of Downtown and nestled along the river. The river is home to a number of biking and walking trails, among other things to do, but the Park also offers kayaking, tubing, and fishing! If you’d like more details about its location, check out the PDF here.

Things to do - Power + Equality Street Art in RiNo

Things to do and see at RiNo Art District

Finally, for those of you who’d prefer a crawl over a hike, the RiNo Art District has everything you’d require. The area is surrounded by great restaurants, as well as bars. A walk around the area is always interesting, as there’s always interesting street art to view along every corner!

And finally, once you’ve had your fill of the outdoors, there’s always EscapeWorks Denver… Did we mention we have air conditioning? It’s always nice and cool inside Blackbeard’s Brig!


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