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Awesome Date Ideas To Do in Denver

Awesome Date Ideas To Do in Denver

Denver is a great place for dates. There are activities for any personality type. Sometimes, the possibilities are too much. Date ideas turn into nightmares because no one knows where to go.

Here are a few date ideas to get you going on your next date in Denver:

Watch a Sunset at a Park

Take some food, grab a drink, and watch the sunset from one of Denver’s many parks. The different colors of the sunset paint the sky like nothing else. Here are the best parks for a gorgeous sunset set in Colorado:

  • Inspiration Point — You can see Pike’s Peak from here. As the name suggests, this point is inspiring — and breathtaking.
  • Ruby Hill Park — Great for sledding, but also a great setup for a picnic at sunset.
  • City of Kunming Park — A small park, but a perfect spot for a picnic in the evening.
  • Confluence Park — A popular place where Cherry Creek and South Platte River meet. This park is also a short walk from the Aquarium, Pepsi Center and downtown.
  • City Park — Want to see the city skyline with mountains in the background? Go on the west side of the Natural Science Museum and you will find that iconic picture you’ve always wanted.

Brewery Tours

If your favorite drink is a cold beer after work, take your date on a brewery tour. Denver is home to dozens of craft brewing companies, and each company has their unique flavor. Take a tour and sample your favorite beers.

Bike Ride

Denver has close to 300 days of sunshine every year. Make the most of the sun and take a bike ride around Denver. If you don’t own a bike, use the B-Cycle bikes stored all over the city. You rent these bikes for a few dollars an hour, park at certain locations, and have a great time exploring the city of Denver.

Find Groups Online

Check out Meet-up.com to find groups both you and your date will enjoy. Finding a meet-up can help you both meet new people who share your same interests. There are groups all over Denver who play board games, video games, and puzzle games. Speaking of puzzles…

Escape Room

If you and your date love puzzles, try out an escape room. There are different scenarios you have to solve, and each room is unique to each scenario. This is a great way to spend time with your partner.

You will also understand your partner more than you realize. How will he or she respond to a challenge? Will they hide in a corner, waiting for the time to run out, or will they try to solve the puzzle, giving their all to win?

If you’re looking at an escape room for your next date idea, look to EscapeWorks Denver for the best puzzle rooms in the Denver area. We can handle pairs or groups, and our rooms will exercise your brain. One hour in, one way out, and one night of fun.

If you have any questions, contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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