September 11

Axe Throwing in Denver

An Axe buried in a target after being thrown

Step aside, lumberjacks. The new, popular, unexpected activity to try out is axe throwing, and more people are catching onto the trend every day. Yes, it might seem a bit unconventional, but we guarantee it’s not rogue or unsafe like you may think it is. Axe throwing is like the intensified version of a game of darts, and it’s easy for anyone to pick up the skill. What’s even better for both newbies and enthusiasts of axe throwing in Denver is the world’s largest axe throwing club has a location downtown so everyone can learn and enjoy.

What is this place?

Axe throwing bars or clubs such as Bad Axe Throwing are fairly new concepts, or at least new to the general public. It’s not a complicated affair. The facility is styled a bit like a bowling alley, except you’re throwing an axe down the lane at a target instead of rolling a ball. Bad Axe supplies you with all the coaches, training, and equipment you’ll need, so novice and adept axe throwers alike are welcome. The only thing you have to worry about is showing up in closed toe shoes.

What do you do?

If you just want to investigate the hype around axe throwing in Denver, you can call the location or visit their website to book a slot online. Some locations allow you to simply walk in at certain times, though it’s not encouraged. Just bring a group of friends with you and you’ll be ready to begin the learning process. A coach will walk you through the rules and train your group to properly throw the axe. Then, just like darts or bowling, you take turns throwing.

Do they offer any special activities?

A heavily sought-after service of Bad Axe’s is their birthday party deal. What better way to spend your birthday than doing something no one has done before? At Bad Axe, they recently implemented a birthday policy that you get to throw for free on your special day. And, as an extra deal, however many minimum guest quotas you reach gets you another free pass! For example, if the minimum amount of party guests is eight, and you bring sixteen people, you get two birthday passes. And your wallet sighs with relief. Also, Bad Axe Throwing is the host of their own axe throwing league. Over the span of eight weeks, you compete with other participants for the highest score thrown, ending with a faceoff finale for the Championship.

Your typical outing consisting solely of coffee and lunch or dinner and a movie is totally lame. For a day or night full of fresh ideas and a switch from the status quo, stop by Denver’s best escape room for some thrills before working out the stress with axe throwing. A one-of-a-kind night awaits you when you pair Denver’s EscapeWorks with Bad Axe Throwing. Check out the rooms, Expand your horizons and your mind with the new ventures Denver has to offer.

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