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Guide to the Best Independence Eve Celebration Ever

Guide to the Best Independence Eve Celebration Ever

Independence Day is one of our favorite American holidays, not only for its historical significance, but because it’s one of the best opportunities for good barbecues and great company. Denver’s Independence Eve celebration on July 3 is one of Denver’s favorite new traditions. If you’re planning your own Independence Eve celebration, we’re here to give you simple ideas that will take your party to the next level. Of course, you already know when the event is going happen, now let’s lay out the details that will maximize the fun and excitement of your Independence Eve celebration.

Step One: Assemble Your Squad

It’s not a party until you invite people to join, so now’s the time to round up your friends, family and the people you value the most. Holidays, especially Independence Eve, are best spent with the people who matter most to you and who make you happiest, so the more the merrier! Celebrate the historical holiday as well as the connections you have with those around you.

Step Two: Find Some Food

Let’s be real, the only surefire way to bring people together is by guaranteeing food, and good food at that. You can have the classic Independence Eve barbecue or grill-out at your home and have a relaxed kick-back while you enjoy your feast. Or, head to Civic Center downtown for food trucks and a beer and wine garden. Whether you grill out or go out, food will always be a highlight of any celebration.

Step Three: Play a Game

You’ll undoubtedly have some time to fill between eating and fireworks, and no one wants to just sit around in anticipation for several hours. You can play a board game or charades in your home, but those aren’t necessarily fun for everyone. A safe bet is always an escape room. Not only can they house a bigger group, but the variety of themes make them easy crowd-pleasers, and they’re fantastic for elevating energy levels. Escape rooms don’t take too much time, but they’re long enough for you to stay entertained with your friends until the city’s festivities begin.

Step Four: Fireworks

Of course, the highlight of any Independence Eve event is the fireworks, and Denver does it right by offering Colorado’s largest free community fireworks event. There will be live music beginning at 5 pm, so you can listen while you traverse the craft beer and wine bars throughout the festival. And, if the escape room allowed enough time for your appetite to pick back up, there’s going to be a variety of food trucks for you and your group to try. To top it all off, there will be an from the Denver City and County Building.

Organizing an Independence Eve party doesn’t have to be intimidating or arduous. Whether you spend your afternoon at home or at EscapeWorks Denver taking on an escape room,  it will all be worthwhile because you’re doing it with the people who matter most. And, if we’re honest, the best part is the fireworks, so if that’s on the agenda then your celebration is already a success.


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