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Civic Center Eats 2019: Grab Lunch Before Your Escape Room

Civic Center Eats 2019: Grab Lunch Before Your Escape Room

When you go into an escape room, one of the biggest stipulations in whether or not you’ll be successful in your escape is how well you’re able to focus. A distracted mind slows you down and inhibits you from clearly and concisely processing the things going on around you. Because of this, it’s important to eliminate all avenues of potential distraction. For instance, the most common reason your mind could wander is because of hunger; to combat this, you should grab a bite before you jump into an escape room. And you’re in luck because every summer and fall you can partake in Civic Center EATS, which means you get to experience some of the best food and culture Denver offers!

What is Civic Center EATS?

Civic Center EATS is an annual tradition that takes place in the Civic Center Park, put together by the nonprofit Civic Center Conservancy. Every Tuesday through Thursday from April 30 to October 10, twenty-five food trucks take their places throughout the park for people to traverse between, each featuring a local cuisine. The festival serves as an opportunity for Denver’s culinary creators to showcase their delicious food and for locals to come together to celebrate their city’s culture. 

What Kind of Food Will Be There?

Any type of food you can think of can be found at Civic Center EATS. There are, of course, the classic food truck cuisines, such as barbecue, pizza, and tacos. But there are also merchants who serve food you wouldn’t typically think of in the context of a food truck, like sushi and Indian dishes. The “lineup” for the event houses 69 vendors, and – since there are about 25 trucks opening up each day – the menu is different every time you come out. True to Denver’s diverse culture, Civic Center EATS will always keep you on your toes, and you’ll have a wide array of options to fill up on before you take on an escape room challenge.

Is There Anything Else to Do?

Civic Center EATS 2019 has introduced retail merchants to the truck lineup in order to enhance your experience at the festival. Not only will you be able to eat your fill of delicious, unique food, but you will now also be able to include fashion, jewelry, and gifts on the list of purchases you can make in the park. The event also is a place for local musical artists to exhibit their talent, so you’ll have the opportunity to support small businesses and bands at the same time.

The Civic Center EATS festival is a way for you and local establishments to keep the culture of Denver alive and restore cultural value to Civic Center Park. A huge contributor to the atmosphere and value of the Mile High City is the influence and impact of small businesses, which is celebrated in this event. So, while EscapeWorks can’t exactly put an escape room in a truck, make a day of supporting local organizations by partaking in Civic Center EATS 2019 – then taking on one of our mind-blowing escape rooms!


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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