August 21

Contain the Outbreak


It’s the end of the world as we know it. A deadly virus has taken hold of the entire world’s population, and your group represents the few people left uninfected. The infection is spreading through the air and covering the globe. In an effort to save yourself, your friends, and your family, you’ve been left to live life on the run or in hiding. The only chance of survival for you and your loved ones is to find a cure, but there wasn’t enough time for even the most advanced scientists to concoct an antidote. Time is running out and with every passing day, there are fewer places to hide and fewer people to help you survive.


The virus has polluted the entirety of the earth’s atmosphere, and the imminent danger of breathing the toxic air in is around every corner. Just when it seems like you’ve exhausted your ability to go on for much longer, you find a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. In your last ditch effort to run for your life, you and your team have located an airtight research lab abandoned by the CDC where they were in the midst of formulating a cure for the virus.

The fate of the last of the world’s population is in your hands, and the only way you’ll be able to survive is by picking up where the scientists left off in their research and creating a vaccine. But the air outside the lab is completely saturated with the virus, and the air in the room will only last you and your group sixty minutes. You are humanity’s last hope. Can you find the cure and turn the tables on the apocalypse before time runs out?

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Tips for Success

It’s one thing to aim for success in the sixty minutes you’re in the room, but why not shoot for the stars and find the cure in record time? There are a few tricks to skillfully taking on an escape room like a pro that will get you to the top of the record leaderboard.

Split up. Everyone working on the same task will not only be hectic, but it will take longer and create more conflict with each other and the clock. When you split up, your group can take on multiple puzzles at the same time, taking you closer to the record time.
Have clear communication. Whether you’re asking each other questions or checking in on each other’s progress, communication is a make it or break it part of an escape room. Effective communication with your team helps you move through the tasks quickly and makes it easier to solve all the clues you come across.
Take a deep breath. Sometimes the stress of the situation and the ticking clock make it difficult to focus or find a clear solution to the puzzles you’re working on. When you get too tense to process what’s going on, take a step back to clear your head so you can dive back in and work more effectively. To see if you can find the cure, schedule a time slot in Outbreak. Our world’s survival depends on you!

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