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Corporate Team Building Activities For 2019

Corporate Team Building Activities For 2019

Every office finds itself in a bit of a rut once in a while. But no matter what’s standing in the way of your employees’ and coworkers’ productivity, there’s a corporate team building activity that will snap everyone out of their funk and get them back into gear. And in additional good news, you don’t have to leave the bonding to eye-roll inducing games that will make your team cringe. Times have changed, and Denver has dozens of options for you to give your crew the time of their lives while also allowing them to grow both together and as individuals.

For the Love of Food

As you may have guessed by the name, this activity combines corporate team bonding with everyone’s favorite part of group outings: food. Chef Diane started this business after working with world-renowned pastry chef Jacques Torres for 20 years to teach other people the beauty and basics of cooking. Now, you can bring your coworkers to her special team building program for an evening of laughter and delicious food, all while exercising your teamwork and problem-solving skills.


For an activity that challenges all facets of the brain while also making you feel like the hero of your favorite action or adventure movie, visit EscapeWorks and try out one or all of their escape rooms. Regardless of what theme you choose, everyone will have a blast, and they’ll come out of the room with a few more skills under their belt. Escape rooms are team building activities that pressure your cooperative and problem-solving skills, as well as communication, critical thinking, strategy, and performance under pressure. To experience the best escape rooms in Denver, visit the EscapeWorks website and book a timeslot for your adventure, or drop in to see what they’re about.

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Archery Games Denver

Self-described as “Denver’s most unique team building venue,” Archery Games put a unique spin on the classic bow-and-arrowed sport and turned it into a form of dodgeball that both kids and adults can enjoy. Equipped with masks, bows, and foam-tipped arrows, you can take your office crew on a trip down memory lane and battle it out elimination style. You’ll be able to get your bodies moving to shake off the winter fatigue and have some laid-back fun to get some competitive juices flowing so you all walk back into the office rejuvenated and inspired. You can visit by drop-in or schedule a private party for your team building expedition.

We’ve done the legwork for you, now all you need to do is go out and take the opportunity to help your team. Corporate team building activities aren’t all trust falls and human knot games anymore. Let your office have some fun together while sharpening their minds, and see the improvement in their work on the same day. Whether you’re looking for an excuse to have a nice dinner or you all want to get your blood pumping, there’s something waiting to be discovered in the Mile High City.

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