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Create A Unique Family Reunion Experience with an Escape Room

Create A Unique Family Reunion Experience

The next time you are placed in charge of planning your family reunion, consider turning tradition on its head with a more unique experience. Family reunions provide a chance for multiple generations to gather and get to know one another. Instead of preparing to host at your house or meet at the park again, visit EscapeWorks Denver. Leave the mind bending experience up to their attentive staff, and see how well your family can work as a team to escape one of their themed rooms.

What is an escape room?

An escape room offers clues, and challenges you to find an escape within the allotted time. These rooms are meant to challenge your mind, and they add a little agility for fun. The rooms are designed to help your family work through challenges together. You do not have to worry about family segregation at this reunion, because you will all work together at the same time. Enjoy your family bonding, but focus on the tasks at hand, as the real challenge is the clock. EscapeWorks has three different themes to fit your family’s preferences.

If you enjoy traveling to sporting events, consider The Big Game Room. Do you enjoy gambling and other games of chance? Check out the Casino Heist. For the history fans, there is a chance to travel back in time to escape our Egyptian Tomb. The question is how fast can you escape our twisting rooms and return to your present day family reunion?

How can you add your own twist to the experience?

You can personalize your experiences by creating competitions within your family. A few examples might be the team that has to travel the longest distance will compete against the team that has the least distance to cover. Another interesting battle can involve family members over a certain age going against family members under a certain age. Keep in mind though that players need to be a minimum of 12 years old to participate. Anyone under the age of 15, needs to be accompanied by an older adult.

We want everyone to safely enjoy the unique experience the room gives them. Consider adding a time element to your challenges. Designate one member of the family to track the times of the winning teams, and determine what the slowest family members have to do.

What can you do after you complete the challenge?

After you complete the challenges at hand, please feel free to celebrate with your family. Book an evening at your family’s favorite restaurant and savor in the win. Enjoy your celebration, your mind will thank you for the break. This is a family reunion that will not be forgotten quickly. Use EscapeWorks to create memories with all generations in your family. For more information including prices and the different room themes, contact us today.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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