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In our opinion, there are three types of attractions when you go to a new place: the adventurous thrills, the academic expeditions, and the accessible quick-stops. Usually, you’ll come to find most places fit in one category, two if you’re lucky. But what if we told you there’s a place with all three in one go? EscapeWorks Denver is the summer attraction you’ve been looking for. We’ve got the excitement, the brain games, and the convenience it takes to be your favorite stop in Denver, whether you’re a local or visiting from out of state.

About EscapeWorks

Adventurer’s Delight

Don’t get us wrong, there are many wonderful things to do in Denver. There are historical sites, hiking trails, vintage restaurants, you name it we’ve got it. But for a lot of these places, if you’ve been once, that’s the extent of what you’ll experience there. At EscapeWorks, this is not at all the case. There are many variables to completely change how you experience our escape rooms. We have five themes for you to choose from, spanning time and the globe, so there are different adventures you can embark on each visit. But even if you choose the same room twice, if you go with different people, you’ll encounter a new storyline altogether. The possibilities are endless, which is what everyone wants from their summer activity.

Mind Gym

Many people enjoy the scholarly destinations where they can learn and explore new environments. For them, expanding their mental capacity is their ideal vacation activity, and EscapeWorks has them covered too. Going through an escape room enhances your creativity, and exercises your critical thinking skills. When puzzle after puzzle is being thrown your way, your brain’s strength will be put to the test while you try to solve them with the group you’re with. If your craving for knowledge and bettering yourself is how your vacations are usually planned, EscapeWorks Denver is your new favorite destination.


While escape rooms are challenging, planning for one doesn’t have to be. Even though you’re being whisked away to another world at EscapeWorks, you’ll only spend a maximum of sixty minutes in the room. That means you don’t have to spend your whole day on just one outing, so you and your friends or family can experience other parts of Denver before or after your adventure with us. As an extra plus, we’re smack in the middle of Denver, meaning you won’t be far from your next stop. Whether you want to visit one of the previously mentioned historical landmarks, trails, or local eateries, travel time and accessibility won’t be in your way.

In terms of Denver attractions, we’ve got all the bases covered. Our escape rooms have all the adventure and challenge you’re looking for, and our location is a planner’s dream come true. We’re excited to take you on an adventure this summer, but you have to reserve your spot first.

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