May 27

Check out Denver Date Ideas for Criminal Masterminds, Sports Fans, and Archaeologists

Denver Date Ideas

Whether your significant other is a criminal mastermind, a sports fan, or an aspiring archaeologist, EscapeWorks has a wonderful Denver date idea for you!

Criminal Masterminds

Does your other half always insist on watching 007 or Oceans 11 or Bonnie and Clyde? Are bank raids and casino heists always on your mind? Why not try your hand at Casino Heist, a 60 minute thriller where you get to execute a raid in a flashy casino?

Sound challenging enough? To boot, your leader has gone rogue. What game is afoot? Do you and your partner have the tenacity to solve this mystery and get out with the goods?

The setting for this heist not only takes you into a casino but to the vault where the winnings are kept. You can touch, feel, and immerse yourself in this experience with the lights, glamour, and wealth of Vegas that suddenly transforms into a highly secured vault and final race to the finish.

This great Denver date idea not only gets you out on the town but thinking and being anything but bored. You will be talking about this one for weeks!

Sports Fans

Football season is over, and the off season blues are taking root. Why not chase the blues away with the experience of a lifetime where you become everyone’s favorite star quarterback?

This is no sit back on the couch waiting for action to happen date. Today is the big day; your team is playing in the championship, but the opposing team locked you in the coach’s office! Racing against the clock, your team needs to escape the room before the game starts. Will your skills on the field transfer to solving the necessary puzzles?

Not only is this a great story, but the atmosphere is great. Locked in your coach’s office, knocking around through his things, you need to find the clues and solve the puzzle with constant reminders of the upcoming game. This keeps the game tense. Meanwhile, the other team is somewhere outside, gloating, thinking that they have the championship game in the bag because they locked you in a room. Can you find the clues and break free to steal the championship back?


Is your significant other an archaeologist, fascinated by Egypt, or always on about the latest treasures being dug up in the back garden? Well, here is your chance for a great Denver date idea for them.

Be sure to watch Indiana Jones the night before, serve monkey eyeball soup, give them a Tilly hat, and announce your upcoming sortie into an Egyptian tomb where an archaeologist went missing. Did that archaeologist fall down a secret shaft never to be seen again? Were treasures found? Was a curse uncovered?

By adventuring into this fantastically crafted world surrounded by hieroglyphs, ancient gods, and mysterious clues, learn the fate of the archaeologist, and discover the secrets of the tomb. Give them a date night that goes beyond the back yard and museums.

The Experience

EscapeWorks offers not only a unique Denver date idea but the chance to share an entirely new experience with your partner. Solve mysteries, explore, and learn together. Just contact us at EscapeWorks.

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