August 31

Denver Family Date Night

Denver Family Date Night

Date nights are not just reserved for couples! Try spending a night with your family at a Denver escape room. There is no better way to achieve family unity, and spend a night full of challenge and laughter. You will discover a clue here; a hint there; a puzzle that may unlock the secrets of escape, but it is up to you to beat the clock. If you are in search of more than ordinary entertainment for you and your family, EscapeWorks is the place to find it.

These Denver puzzle rooms are an excellent way to show your kids that living in the moment is better than sitting at home playing a video game. Lara Croft may be entertaining as you’re trying to figure out how to survive finding the way out of an Egyptian tomb, but what if there was a way to escape that tomb in the moment instead of through a virtual experience.

Play out a scenario where you as a team of archeologists are trying to find out what happened to your colleague, and escape the tomb within the hour. You and your family will need to work together deciphering codes, clues, and puzzles. Your children will be talking about these experiences for years to come. You will want to take them time and again, as each challenge is different from the time before. You may succeed in escaping the room before the clock strikes the hour, but then again, you may not.

Have you been looking for a father and son outing in Denver? If you are dedicated football fans, then put yourselves in the shoes of an all-star. Imagine it is one hour until kickoff. The opposing team has decided you are the only person that stands in their way of the championship, so they’ve locked you in. Engage your mind in thwarting their diabolical plans, because there is none who can beat this father and son team.

Are you just under age and have always wanted to go to the casino? Well, your family date night in Denver can take you to this one, but here’s the catch–you are the one robbing them instead of the other way around. It’s a heist! You and your team have been sold out to the police and have an hour to find a way out. Pitch your intellect against the one who foiled the plans you carefully prepared.

If you are looking for a place you can take your family and create lasting memories without taking the time to plan an entire outing, consider booking an escape room. Contact EscapeWorks today for further information. If you have children under the age of 12, let EscapeWorks know ahead of time so your family’s “little” adventurers’ have the ultimate experience.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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