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Denver Group Games

denver group games

The Mile High City is home to some incredible attractions suited to fit anyone, thrill seekers, artists, athletes and beyond. Only certain places have enough variety for people of all types to come together and enjoy the same activity, which is why EscapeWorks is the perfect group activity. Tourists or locals, history buffs or jocks, no matter what you or your friends are, an escape room is the destination for you to come together and have some real fun.

Not A One-Trick Pony

To ensure everyone coming through your doors has equal opportunity for a great time, you make sure there are options, and that’s exactly what we have at EscapeWorks. If you’re looking for something with high stakes excitement, you can test your skills in the Outbreak or War Games rooms. The Egyptian Tomb and Beyond the Flower Shop rooms are filled to the brim with historical type adventures. There’s a room for everyone to enjoy during your group outing at EscapeWorks. Not only are our rooms drastically different in theme, we vary the difficulty level between rooms to shake things up for guests who come for multiple adventures.

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Mind Games

There aren’t many group games that challenge your creativity, critical thinking, and logic skills in one fell swoop. EscapeWorks Denver is a destination for those who find the challenge to be an exciting opportunity to grow. When you step into another life the way an escape room allows you to, your mind can work in marvelous ways. You learn how to creatively adapt to the situation you’re in, and you flex your critical thinking muscles to quickly and effectively solve the puzzles you come across. Under the intense pressure, you learn things about the other group members that you may not have found in any other environment.

First Step Activity

After a time of excitement at EscapeWorks, you can keep the good times rolling by exploring everything else Denver has to offer. From trendy bars to gorgeous hiking trails, the Mile High City has everything even the most diverse group could ask for. An escape room is a perfect way to kick off a day full of adventure and thrills. Our central-city location allows you to quickly access other attractions and stops throughout the city so that your day is full of laughs, excitement, and exploration.

A place that can create true unity amongst friends and bond unique individuals together during a group game is somewhere worth visiting, and EscapeWorks is exactly that. Adventurers and bookworms alike can enjoy a journey in an escape room, so when you book an escapade with us, you guarantee a good time for everyone you’re with.

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