June 6

Denver Rainy Day Blues

Summer is upon us, images of water parks, camping, and roller coasters dance through our minds. Then…it rains! All these carefully laid plans went out the window. Everyone is climbing the walls. What are we going to do, you ask? What’s the plan? Well, we are here to save you!

Not sure what to do in Denver? Well, Denver offers lots of great indoor stuff for all ages and interests. Learn about the evolution of Japanese armor or create a family backpack at the Denver Art Museum. Head over to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to learn about black holes, the solar system, or the history of the US Space program. While there, hop on over to the IMAX theater to discover our beautiful planet, learn how robots work, or explore our national parks.

Not enough? Find out what Clyfford Still did in San Francisco at the Clyfford Still Museum. If architecture is your forte, the Museum of Contemporary Art is an environmentally sustainable building that just happens to include some fantastic exhibits where you can make your own friends with Brian Bress, see Arne Severson’s amazing art, or find out what Adam Pendleton has to do with becoming imperceptible. Like history? Try the History Colorado Center, Byer Evans House, and the Black American West and Heritage Center. Do you know who the Unsinkable Molly Brown is? If not, discover how she survived the Titanic’s disaster at the Molly Brown House Museum. Still not excited? Try Wings Over the Rockies for airplanes, flight instruction, and an air and space camp.

Maybe you aren’t a museum person, so nothing aside from maybe watching a show at the IMAX seems even remotely appealing to you. If that’s the case, how about becoming the star of your own movie? Yes, you heard that correctly. Come to Denver EscapeWorks and immerse yourself in a movie experience.

If you enjoy The Mummy, Indiana Jones, or Tomb Raider, try the Egyptian Tomb. Suddenly, you are Indiana Jones, especially if you dress the part. Bring your hat, bring your trowel, and get ready to solve the mysteries of the tomb. Before entering, the following information is given: in the 1940s a famous archaeologist got lost down here. Presumably, she met some dark sinister fate, or she’s decided modern society is for the birds and took up residence. Either way, you need to figure out what happened while unlocking the secrets of the tomb. Maybe the archaeologist left some clues!

Are you more of a sports fan? Don’t groan at this. Both Indiana Jones and Lora Croft were very athletic; digging takes a lot of work. However, there is a more traditional sports theme here. Do you like football? Is the national championship your favorite day of the year? I thought so. Well, imagine is someone tried to interrupt your day in any way! Well, that’s what The Big Game is all about. You are the star quarterback for your team. The day of the championship game, coach calls you in for some last-minute strategizing. Then the door closes behind you and clicks. Coach isn’t in the office. With no phone or internet, how are you going to get out? Remember kickoff is 60 minutes away; your team, your fans, and your coach have their hopes set on you!

Hmm…you’re not a sports fan or into fantastical archaeology. We have one more trick up our sleeves…card trick! Enter the flashy world of casinos, money, and highly organized crime. Did Ocean’s Eleven fascinate you? Do you think you can complete a successful heist and get away with the dough? If so, Casino Heist is for you. In this high stakes thriller, the heist is yours to pull off after months of careful planning except for a hitch: your criminal mastermind, the one driving this operation, bugs out, informs the police, and gives the rest of you a free ticket to orange suits and chain gangs. There’s still as slim chance, though, that you’ll make it out! No one’s blown your cover yet; if you can just make it to the vault and escape the casino, you get a bonus, the betrayer’s share!

When your summer plans get rained out, soak up some knowledge at the local museums. Then come Denver EscapeWorks to put that knowledge to good use in your own, personal movie. Contact us for details and availability.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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