April 29

The 9 Best Things About Denver Room Escape

Denver Room Escape

The great masters of English literature would undoubtedly put pen to paper and call Denver room escape “awesome sauce.” And with these nine best things about it, it’s not hard to see why.

For Couples

  • First thing: It is an exciting alternative to movie night. Many couples opt for dinner and a movie on most date nights. Denver room escapes provides a substitute that will not only keep you both guessing, but might bring you closer as you put your minds together in an attempt to escape your fate in 60 minutes or less.
  • Second thing: Its fun and unique. With many rooms to choose from, EscapeRoom Denver provides couples with a different option with every date night.

For Organizations

  • Third thing: It provides organizations with an exciting team building activity. What better way to observe the workings of a group than with a fast paced, pressure building activity which requires a certain level of teamwork in order to succeed?
  • Fourth thing: It keeps your mind engaged the entire 60 minutes. With puzzles to figure out and clues to follow, its role-playing scenarios will have you checking your teammates along with the time.

For Teens

  • Fifth thing: Do you know a teen who enjoys playing games such as Kings Quest or Dungeons and Dragons? Then this will be an exhilarating adventure for all involved. It is a great way for teens to put their puzzle solving skills to the test in a fun and safe environment.
  • Sixth thing: Healthy competition. With the max number of group members being 8, this is a great way for teens to compete against their friends while trying to think their way out of a room they volunteered to get locked in.

For Families

  • Seventh thing: Fun for all ages. The rooms are not scary, but they are challenging. Many of the rooms that you find at EscapeWorks Denver are family friendly. There are enough clues and puzzles to solve that children will not mind having been in the same place for almost an hour. Parents won’t mind it either.
  • Eighth thing: The price is right. With prices being as low as $25 a person, this is an excellent way to celebrate any special occasion. A typical birthday party normally run parents a couple hundred bucks including gifts. If you have a child who is into mysteries and puzzles, this could not only make their day, but it could save you money in the end.
  • Ninth thing: Family interaction. There is not enough time to take a phone call or check the status of your Facebook page while involved with this game. This activity will keep the entire family on their toes as you think your way through the puzzles and come up with different solutions for getting out.

With adventures such as Egyptian Tomb, The Big Game, and Casino Heist, EscapeWorks Denver is sure to keep providing puzzle fans with more than enough reasons to keep locking themselves in, so that they can make determined attempts at getting out.

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$35 per person


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