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Discover Your Strengths with an Escape Room

Discover Your Strengths with an Escape Room

Participating in an escape room can bring benefits beyond just the excitement of solving a mystery with. Read on to learn how doing an escape room can help you discover your unique skills and strengths.

Improve Communication

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Whether you’re participating in an escape room with friends or family,  you’ll be required to communicate during the experience.

Because you have only 60 minutes to solve the mystery and escape, it’s important to be able to cut through the “noise”. This helps determine which discoveries are important to secure your escape. You’ll discover, shouting over one another or ignoring others’ discoveries is sure to make an escape more difficult.

Instead, you’ll want to remain calm- ensure team members who are working on related puzzles are able to clearly communicate with each other. Stay organized. Planning and executing a strategy, even if you’re a beginner, can significantly increase your chance at success. This will also improve your communication skills in general.

Hone Your Fine Motor Skills

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Even if you already spend plenty of time working on your fine motor skills doing daily tasks, an escape room can take you out of your comfort zone and further develop these skills. By requiring you to solve puzzles, an escape room can hone in on these talents.

Often, you’ll find that becoming proficient at an activity that utilizes your motor skills doesn’t present visible results; That said, once you’ve learned how to do something, you begin to form muscle memory. You can do these activities naturally without really thinking about it.

Getting out of your comfort zone can force your brain to grow and make new connections. Even just an hour of mental work can be enough to improve your fine motor skills. Combine this with the physical puzzles and challenges found in an escape room, and you’ll be reaching new heights without issue.

Test and Improve Your Memory

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While getting out of your comfort zone can improve your motor skills, it can also have a beneficial effect on your memory and memory retention. If you’ve ever found yourself getting out of your vehicle without any memories of the drive, this is likely the result of the muscle memory you go into when performing familiar activities. By putting yourself into a situation you’ve never been in before, you’ll challenge your brain and create an instant but lasting boost to your memory. Memory and it’s retention is vital and applies to everyday activities- so why not have fun while improving it?

If you’d like to discover your strengths while spending a fun-filled afternoon or evening solving puzzles with a group of friends, family members, or coworkers, EscapeWorks Denver has a whopping five themed rooms to fit any interest.

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