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Double Date Ideas

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Let’s be honest: double dating is either a hit or a miss. Some people are terrified of the possibility of an awkward, silence-filled night while others love the idea of spending time with their sweetheart and a set of friends. Whether you know you’re going to have an amazing night of great conversation and laughs or you want to take precautionary measures against what could be a night of disaster, one of the best double date ideas is EscapeWorks! Enjoy your double date where awkward silences never happen! Visit our escape rooms for adventure and fun you won’t find anywhere else.

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If You Hate Double Dating…

Maybe you’re not sure how a double date landed on your calendar, but you still have to make the most of it. Even worse, maybe you dont have any double date ideas for a night fast approaching! EscapeWorks is the best place for new friends! Avoid awkward small talk by infusing the atmosphere of your date into the conversation. Everyone’s included in all the escape room action, so you can get to know each other better. At EscapeWorks Denver, you can work as a team, use your creativity to solve puzzles, and leave with much to talk about as your night continues. Let us prove double date night doesn’t have to be weird!

If You Love Double Dating…

For the vast majority of couples, double dating is one of the best ways to strengthen the relationship. If you’re a double date enthusiast, you’re a firm believer in this and you love introducing your “date squad” to new experiences to find some excitement. You can bring your double date adventures and your relationships to the next level at EscapeWorks Denver. Escape rooms are the ultimate destination for thrill-seeking couples, as well as a perfect opportunity for couples who are still getting to know each other. This is a chance to discover new aspects of your date’s and friends’ personalities you wouldn’t have seen before. It’s an opportunity to expose yourselves to levels of fun and exhilaration you won’t find anywhere other than EscapeWorks.

A Full Double Date Experience

EscapeWorks’ location in the heart of the Mile High City makes it easy to find. There are a plethora of great places to meet for coffee or a cocktail and a little small talk prior to the main event: a unique and entertaining experience in one of our escape rooms. And afterward? You definitely won’t lack conversation topics if you choose to keep the date rolling at a local bar or by exploring the great outdoors. Everyone loves to talk about the challenges, surprises, and funny things that happened during their escape.

Double dating doesn’t have to be as cringe-worthy as some people say. To ensure that you’ll have a good time, an escape room is where you should plan your double date. At EscapeWorks Denver, you can have an incredible experience while strengthening your relationships. Visit our website to take your next double date up a notch and make some memories with both your partner and your friends.

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