October 23

Egyptian Themed Puzzles

egyptian themed puzzles

Calling all Indiana Joneses and Lara Crofts! The allure of the mystery and rituals surrounding ancient Egypt makes them the subject of many cinematic creations, literature, and even video games. Cue the Indiana Jones theme song. They give you the chance to experience at least a piece of the excitement alongside Dr. Jones and other adventuring characters. These books and video games are all good and fun, but what if there was a place where you were able to immerse yourself in those adventures and unleash your inner Indy? We all have, at some point, dreamt of exploring the way our favorite movie and game characters do. In EscapeWorks Denver’s Egyptian themed puzzle room, the dream becomes reality, and you’ll step into an adventurer’s world to become them for an electrifying sixty minutes.

Egyptian Tomb

In the Egyptian Tomb escape room, you and your group members are a team of archaeologists in an ancient tomb that hasn’t been explored since the 1940s when a legendary scientist disappeared into its depths. Your team is a hand-selected, elite group of expert archaeologists who can be trusted to delve into the puzzle and trap-filled tomb to retrace the lost scientist’s steps and finally reveal to the world what happened in that pyramid so long ago. But be careful! You only have sixty minutes to complete your mission until the pyramid is sealed and you’re trapped within its walls forever.

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Keys to Success

It’s already guaranteed you’ll have a good time, but not everyone is able to dominate the room and come out on the other side victorious. Here are some tips and tricks to make your stay in Egypt a triumphant one.

Choose the right group. Yes, you love all your friends equally, but you can take anyone to an escape room to have a good time. Just like the team of archaeologists in the “back story” was carefully crafted, your group needs to be well put together if you’re going to have any sort of prosperous endeavor. Each person needs to be able to work together cohesively and quickly, and everyone needs to take the task at hand seriously. Not everyone can be Indiana Jones.

Be methodical. Good things happen when you can follow a plan of action! At least in escape rooms, they do… We understand planning and practicing is limited when you’re not in the actual escape room, but there are ways for your group to prepare yourselves for a profitable outcome. Having a team meeting at some point before your escapade to set up a strategy is how the best “escapers” find success. Though you may not be able to simulate the actual puzzles and room, having a structured gameplan lessens the chance of a panic, which wastes valuable time.

Become the adventurer you’ve always dreamt of being in EscapeWorks’ Egyptian themed puzzle room. Schedule an experience with us, and find out if being Indiana Jones really is your true calling.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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