May 13

Egyptian Tomb Review

Denver room escape

Did you hear the news? Archaeologists located open spaces behind the walls of King Tut’s tomb! Do you wonder what’s there? We certainly do!

One of our puzzle rooms is Egyptian themed! Egyptian Tomb requires the team to solve mind benders and escape the room in 60 short minutes to discover the fate of a long-lost archaeologist. This Denver escape room offers a challenge not only for adults, but teens, aspiring young Egyptologists, and archaeologists.

A family and their young adult children recently used this Denver puzzle room to bond and have a great day out. They said, “Being locked into a room with 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and get out is a great recipe for adventure!” Everyone helped solve issues. The variety of puzzles kept them on their toes, trying to reach the next breakthrough. They managed to escape with 15 seconds to spare! Could you?!?!

Not only is the game afoot challenging, but the setting is spectacular. Creators take great care to transport you to ancient Egypt in a setting that looks and feels authentic. Hieroglyphs and gods will guide you on the way to uncovering the fate of a lost archaeologist and solving the mysteries of the tomb.

The Egyptian Tomb is only one popular room at EscapeWorks. For sports fans, why not try The Big Game? With 60 minutes to the championship game, your team, including the star quarterback, are locked in a room. Will you escape in time to make the game?

Did you ever want to mastermind a heist? Try Casino Heist! Your team has been planning this heist for a year. Once the heist starts, your leader goes rogue. Will you complete the heist and make it out in time?

You, too, can discover the secrets of the tomb, make the game, or complete the heist!

Any of these experiences offers a great family getaway, team building exercise, or date night idea in Denver. Just contact us at EscapeWorks for details.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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