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Discover Your Employees’ Management Styles

Discover Your Employees’ Management Styles

As a leader who is passionate about guiding your team well, you probably try to gauge how your employees respond to various management styles. Unfortunately, no method of management is “best.” To effectively lead your team, discovering your employees’ management styles is crucial to crafting an effective leadership method that guides your team to success. One effective way to observe your employees’ management styles is through the experience of an escape room.

Management Styles

Knowing the various management styles is an excellent starting point to discover your employees’ management styles.

  1. Democratic: Democratic managers create a democracy in the workplace. The entire staff is involved in decisions that impact the company. Employees will generally feel trusted, able to pace themselves and determine their workflow in a democratically managed group.
  2. Inspirational: Inspirational leadership qualities can stand on their own or be neatly enveloped into other management styles. This form of leadership thrives on encouragement, excellent people skills, and the desire to guide and grow your employees by example.
  3. Authoritative: This management style is more deliberate, involving stronger direction from the manager. It is similar to authoritative parenting. The authoritative leader is determined to be heard and obeyed, instituting order. Micro-management is common with this style.
  4. Laissez-Faire: In a capitalist society, laissez-faire means free enterprise, free trade, and nonintervention. In the business world, laissez-faire borrows these same concepts. Essentially, this leadership style takes a hands-off approach. The way things get done is largely left to the employees, who are greatly trusted and thrive at time-management.

Discovering Your Employees’ Management Styles: Escape Room Experience

Getting to know your employees well is the best way to determine what management style will most effectively define your leadership! How can you do this?

Pay attention. Take notice of your employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Are your employees excited to be involved in the company and in important business decisions? Then perhaps a democratic approach is best. Perhaps your employees thrive under personalized encouragement and deep relationships. If so, try an inspirational approach. Does your workplace often crumble into chaos? Does your company function on an undisputable process? Then perhaps authoritative leadership is a necessity. Finally, if you trust your employees completely—and are less interested in micromanaging than other important tasks—a laissez-faire management style might be best. But don’t forget to observe and evaluate your employees’ performance.

Certain extra-curricular activities can also aid in discovering the right leadership style. One of the best activities is an escape room experience. Escape rooms demand a lot from each individual involved and from the team as a whole. Individually, each employee will quickly discover their strengths—and areas they will have to rely on their teammates to accomplish. As a team, employees must learn to work together, trust each other, appreciate the skills of the other, and collaborate to solve problems. As a leader, you are involved with your team! Join the challenge as a fellow team member, or observe your employees and learn how their management styles emerge involuntarily as they are challenged. After this experience, you will be one step closer to guiding your business to success.

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