February 11

Escape Artists Know What To Do In Denver

What to do in Denver.

Twiddling thumbs, fingertips tapping the tabletop, mouses clicking through online searches, all wondering what to do in Denver. I’m sure some of the first things to do that come to mind for a typical tourist, or even the Denver locals, are visits to any one of the many fantastic museums or stunning outdoor areas. I mean, this is Denver, right? It is perched high in the sky, right smack in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Surely there is no end of things to do.

Hiking? Oh, you’ve done that. Mountain biking? Mm hmm. You’ve done that, too. Brewery tour? Old news, I see. Well, if you find yourself at a loss for something new to do, let me tell you about one group of people who know exactly what to do in the Mile-High City. They are Denver’s escape artists! Yes, you heard me right, escape artists.

Now, I’m not talking about Houdini type escape artists. Don’t expect to be strapped into a straitjacket and hung upside down in a tank of water. What I am talking about is being a part of a live, interactive puzzle that must be solved in order to escape a room. If you’ve ever participated in a dinner mystery party, you’re on the right track to understanding what I’m talking about. However, the thrilling experience of a Denver escape room, created by the experts at EscapeWorks Denver, takes the dinner mystery party concept to a whole new level.

This is great fun for the entire family. This new trend in entertainment blends the best of modern RPG games with the classic mystery game. Eric and John, the clever creators of EscapeWorks Denver, have designed three scenarios to choose from:

  • Egyptian Tomb – Uncover the reason for the disappearance of an archaeologist from the 1940’s era
  • The Big Game – After the opposing team locks you in your coach’s office, you have to get yourself free and lead your team to victory
  • Casino Heist – In the midst of cleaning out the casino’s vault, you discover one of your cohorts has double crossed you and the cops are on the way

What does it take to be a cunning escape artist? Well, first of all, it takes a team effort. The puzzles and mysteries featured in the escape rooms are designed to be solved by 2-8 people. So gather together your loved ones and friends, or even co-workers, who are eager for a challenge with a splash of intrigue.

Be prepared to collaborate in creative ways. Discover one another’s strengths. Find out who remains cool under pressure. Expect to bend, crawl, duck and reach in order to find clues, so dress comfortably.

Whether you are a seasoned puzzle solver or a rookie, when it comes to enjoying the thrill of the game, it doesn’t matter. And, if your team succeeds in making their great escape within the sixty minute time limit, everyone goes home with a free T-shirt emblazoned with an announcement for the world to see that you are a Denver escape artist!

More information can be found on our website. To keep up with current events, follow our blog. Now that you know what to do in Denver, contact us and book a room. EscapeWorks Denver staff is waiting, key in hand, to lock you up and turn on the timer.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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