November 7

Escape Room Phenomenon

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Think back to the first time you heard of an escape room. What was your initial thought? If you were like me the first word that crossed your mind was “crazy”. Why would I want to be locked in a room and have to think my way out? What if I can’t escape in time? But the more I thought about it the more intrigued I became. Would I feel like Sherlock Holmes or Indiana Jones? Am I smarter than the average person who can’t escape? Would it be more fun than the same old dinner and a movie? Thoughts like these have led millions of people to try an escape room. And that response has made escape rooms a worldwide phenomenon.

Escape rooms are a real life manifestation of point and click computer games and tabletop RPG games. For years gamers have been solving clues and completing puzzles in digital escape rooms.  The first inspiration came from role playing games such and Dungeon and Dragons which was introduced in the 1970’s. Remember the1980’s personal computer games like Mystery House and The Kings Quest series? Those morphed into more advanced games like Myst in the 1990’s. These days you can’t throw a controller without hitting a puzzle based clue game. Players control a character’s decisions while engaging in adventure filled quests. These games are all about making correct choices and thinking critically (and a whole lot of luck rolling the dice!). In a real life escape room, these games are thrown together and the combination creates the most fun you’ve had in years!

The escape room concept was created in 2007 in Asia. The idea spread like wildfire and by 2011 the game reached Eastern Europe. Adults were actively looking for an alternative to a typical night out at the movies. People had become bored with vegetating in front of a movie screen completely disengaged with those around them. Attempting an escape room not only forced people to engage those around them, it forced them to engage a part of their brain that rarely gets used. And who knew it could be so much fun? By 2012 the escape room reached the United States through the gates of San Francisco. The past three years has seen an explosion of escape rooms across America.

In our world today, opportunities to interact with those we love seem to be getting more limited.  The genius of escape rooms is true interaction. Most of our time with friends and loved ones is spent with eyes glued to smartphone, TV or movie screens.  What if your next night out with friends and family was different?  A chance to interact and work together to solve clues and puzzles.  A chance to stretch your mind and use critical thinking and problem solving skills. Collaborating in the building suspense, as you develop strategies to beat the clock.  A chance to laugh and celebrate after escaping with only seconds to spare.

Come escape with us into a new form of entertainment.  A chance to escape the pressures and stresses of life for one hour.  A chance to build relationships and stretch your limits.  You can’t get this from another evening watching a screen.  But you can get it at EscapeWorks.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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