July 29

Escape Rooms: Not Your Average Date Night

Date Night

What should we do tonight? It’s a question that’s been asked and deflected numerous times. Once you’ve been a couple for a while, you’ve done all the usual date nights. You’ve seen the movies, picked your favorite restaurants, shopped at the malls, and you’ve walked around the parks. Now what? What can you do when you want a really fun date idea?

Lock yourself in a room with strangers and give yourself an hour to escape. It sounds like an insane idea, but really, it could be the most exciting date you’ve been on in years.

Admit it, once or twice, after seeing a thrilling movie or crime TV show you’ve asked yourself how well you’d perform in an intense situation. Would you be able to solve the puzzle, figure out the clue, or decipher the code? Are you the next Sherlock Holmes? Would you make your team proud and the moments count if you had to? EscapeWorks Denver allows you to live out that scenario in fun, themed, puzzle rooms. You, and up to seven others, will be racing against the clock to find a way out and claim victory. It’s not your average dinner and a movie. It’s so much more.

EscapeWorks Denver is a truly unique and thrilling experience designed to fully immerse you in another reality while encouraging you to bond with people in new ways. Trying a new activity together is always a fun way for couples to bond, and what could be worth trying more than a race against the clock in an Egyptian tomb? For only twenty-five dollars a person this is a cheap but thrilling date. You would pay more to sit in a theater and watch on-screen characters live out the action. Why not get your heart pumping as you run, crawl, or duck your way through a puzzle as you try to find the way out? Why not live the action instead of just watching it?

There are three themed rooms for you to choose from, and any one of them guarantee a night of fun and adventure. These rooms teleport you to another place, put you in someone else’s life, and watch you think your way out. It’s a pulse pounding brain teaser that is sure to have you talking about it for weeks to come. Why sit around the house and do the same thing you always do when, instead, you can test your skills in a fun and thrilling movie-like scenario?

EscapeWorks Denver is revolutionizing entertainment. They’re pushing the box, or rather, putting you into it. The creativity put into the rooms, the clues, and the experience as a whole is astounding and something you really don’t want to miss. So grab the hand of your loved one, or bring the whole family, and be transported for an hour into an experience like none you’ve ever had before.

Are you ready to test your skills and experience a whole new adventure? Contact us to book your room now.

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$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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