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Escape With Your Book Club

Escape With Your Book Club

In recent years, book clubs have exploded in popularity. They have taken the experience of reading and turned it into a shared experience. Book clubs are now such a phenomenon, that they even have a powerful effect on the sales and best seller lists. Members of book clubs escape into another world, the world of their chosen book.

Drop What You Are Reading and Book an Escape Room

Are you looking for a way to get to know the people in your group better? Perhaps you want to experience something new with friends in your book club. Break out of the usual coffee and lunch atmosphere. Take your book club to an escape room, and experience the irony of this out of the box experience. A visit to an escape room is essentially a live action story. It involves a group of people locked into a room that is filled with the clues and puzzles needed to escape. Participants have one hour to find their way out. There are three rooms with different themes to choose from!

Remember playing make-believe when you were a child? Once you grew older, you probably found the same pleasure in the books that you read. Popular books and movies often portray exploits, peril, or exciting adventures set in another time.

If you are looking for a way to live out the adventures you read about with your book club, look no further than EscapeWorks Denver. If you work as a team at finding clues and solving puzzles, you will discover that each of you have skills you never dreamed of. Choose a room that is a good fit for the group, or choose one that is consistent with the theme or setting of a book you have read.

Life is full of wonderful adventures. You can read about them in books, which is essentially a private pursuit, and discuss them with your book club friends. You can also enjoy the excitement of a good story by visiting an escape room, and working with your friends to find your way out. For more information on booking an escape room, contact us. Don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone, you might just create your own story to tell.


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