December 2

Escape with Your Date in Denver

If you are wondering what to do in Denver, skip the pizza and Netflix. Escape to a date night filled with adventure at EscapeWorks!

Ordering a pizza and binge watching the newest television show makes for a great date, but sometimes you just want to experience something new. Denver offers a variety of fun date spots, and can became home to your new favorite adventure.

The Puzzle

Picture yourself trapped in the middle of an Egyptian tomb with only sixty minutes to escape. Or imagine taking part in a heist with an hour to break into the vault and make your grand getaway. EscapeWorks has created the ultimate adventure/puzzle experience, where friends and family can team up to escape elaborately themed rooms.

Let’s be honest, we have all wanted to live out an adventure from the movies. EscapeWorks has made that dream possible! If you are searching for fun date ideas in Denver then look no further. This new twist on solving puzzles has never been more exciting. “Escape rooms” are specially designed spaces that come loaded with clues your team needs to solve in order to escape. Whether it is just you and your date, or a larger group of friends, these locked rooms hold up to eight people.

The Preparation

Puzzle rooms require participants to actively move, crawl, bend, duck, and reach their way through to the end. Wear the appropriate sneakers and clothes for an adventure! Also, don’t forget to bring your best escape partner, and we will provide the rest.

The End Result

Escape rooms are both fun and challenging. Our site shows that “60-80% of participants do not succeed in the 60 minute time frame.” Some rooms have a higher escape rate, and might be the route to go if you are new to the concept. If you do not escape in the sixty-minute time frame, the staff will walk you through all of the clues that you might have missed. You can always return and book another adventure!

If you do win, you will receive massive bragging rights, and an EscapeWorks t-shirt! You will also have a picture taken of your group with the winning time posted on our web and social media pages for you to share with friends and family.

If you are wondering what to do in Denver, skip the pizza and Netflix. Escape to a date night filled with adventure at EscapeWorks! Bring your friends and family to experience the time-crunching thrill of this new and exciting kind of entertainment. For more information, contact us and visit our website.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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