January 30

Fun Date Ideas in Denver – Escape!

Date ideas in Denver

Do you ever look at your dating life and feel like you are stuck in a rut? Do you continually find yourself falling back on the tried and true “dinner and a movie” or “let’s go have coffee”? Are you looking for the perfect fun first date idea to impress that special someone who you’ve had your eye on? Lucky for you, your search for the perfect fun date idea in Denver is over.

EscapeWorks Denver is the answer to all your dating woes. This new and innovative puzzle-solving entertainment venue provides you with 60 minutes of exhilarating mystery and countless hours of fun reminiscing about it afterwards! Start with an escape room and you will have ZERO awkward silences at dinner afterward. Or, you might decide that you loved it so much and skip dinner to stay for another round of escaping!

Choose from three escape rooms, each with a different theme and back story that allows you and your date to immerse yourselves completely in the mystery and adventure. Each room is filled with clues and codes meant to lead you to a successful escape.

Egyptian Tomb – Follow the clues left behind by a 1940’s archaeologist to discover his fate and escape from an ancient Egyptian tomb!

The Big Game – You are the star player of a football team that is 60 minutes from playing in the biggest rematch of the year. You find yourself locked in the coaches office and needing to escape before kickoff!

Casino Heist – Your team has been sold out and left out to dry by your former partner in crime. You must find a way to escape the casino vault before the police arrive!

You may find all of these plots at the movie theater and it may keep you on the edge of your seat, but only in an escape room will you be an active participant in the story. Only in an escape room will you feel the pressure and excitement as the clock ticks down the seconds to your moment of truth. Will you escape or will you fail? There is no pause button and no bathroom breaks! Find out what you and your date are made of as you work together to find a way out of your temporary prison cell. You can’t get this kind of excitement and interaction in a movie theater! Your date will love it!

Fun date ideas in Denver don’t have to include hours of planning on your part. They don’t need to break the bank. They don’t need to involve traveling far away. Stay local, stay in budget, and let EscapeWorks Denver prepare everything for you. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the experience. You will be impressed, and perhaps more importantly, your date will be impressed. We guarantee it. It can’t get more fun than that.

Contact us today to book your very own escape room and prepare for the best date of your life! What are you waiting for?


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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