January 22

EscapeWorks: Denver Puzzle Rooms

Denver puzzle room

Going out to eat loses its magic, watching a movie is overrated, and seasonal activities, such as mini-golf, only last so long. You are sitting at home Thursday night, pondering what to do with you and your friends on the upcoming Saturday night. The previous three things are off the table, and sitting at the bar is, also. You come across EscapeWorks in Denver, and are intrigued by the puzzle rooms the place has to offer. Suddenly, you just got that much more excited for your Saturday night.

Before you call up your friends, you do some research into Denver’s puzzle rooms. You discover that you, and your friends, have quite the decisions to make—starting with which room to pick.

With three rooms to choose from, including the Egyptian Tomb, The Big Game, or the Casino Heist, your decision making process is certainly in full effect.

You are wondering if your friends will enjoy the Egyptian Tomb— a room in which you have sixty minutes to discover the fate of a famed archaeologist in the 1940’s. Solving clues, cracking codes, and completing puzzles will aid you and your friends in retracing the archaeologist’s footsteps, and ultimately escaping—something, he more than likely, was unable to do.

On another note, and with football season in full effect (go Broncos!), you wonder if your friends would rather embark on the journey the Big Game room has to offer. Your team’s rivals have locked you in the coach’s office, in the hopes of preventing you from showing up to the game to take home another win. Again, you and your friends have sixty minutes to solve all of the clues, and escape. Hopefully, that last clue, will not lead you into an extra, hidden room. Race the clock, and escape before it is time for kickoff.

Well, it being Saturday night and all, you are certain that you and your friends would enjoy the more glamorous side of life, and decide to book the Casino Heist room at EscapeWorks. That’s right, the plan was all set, but the friend that did not make the invite list, decided to squeal on you, and the friends, that are locked in the casino. The police are on their way, and you have less than sixty minutes to escape from the casino, into that vault, and perform a legendary heist, that you and your friends will not soon forget.

Wow, this research is leaving you eager to get into a room, and begin cracking clues with your friends. What is the next step, then?

Of course, before you book your room, you must determine the number of friends you are going to bring with you. The rooms are designed for two to eight people, and, to sweeten the deal, are only $25 per person. Let’s be honest, that is less than the cost it would be to head to your favorite restaurant, or bar, for the night.

Finally, you book your room, and prepare for a night that will have memories to last a lifetime. Of course, Escapeworks’ puzzle rooms (aka Denver escape room)are not only for a night out with friends, but can also serve as a fantastic date night, and even a work-outing. Truly, an incredibly, multi-purposeful experience. Contact Escapeworks, today, to book your room.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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