June 18

Excellent Craft, Immersion, and Staff

Let Me Out!

Customers are raving about EscapeWorks Denver. Not only is the escape room experience great, but the staff and location are also getting props from customers for being convenient, friendly, and knowledgeable.

So what is the EscapeWorks experience? What exactly goes on at an escape room establishment?

Well, escape rooms build on the principle that humans are curious beings that like to solve mind benders and puzzles. Then some creative people take this idea further, much further. A typical escape room experience tries to immerse you in a world, contained within a room or two, that holds puzzles and clues to help you on your way. Imagine being Dorothy trying to find her way out of Oz. This is similar, except it’s you alone, with a partner, or with a small group who probably won’t meet a wizard along the way.

Each room has a theme like EscapeWorks’ Egyptian Tomb, The Big Game, or Casino Heist. Once creators come up with a theme, the room design incorporates that theme, gets outfitted with clues, and inherits a tailor-made back story. For example, Egyptian Tomb is obviously for the Indiana Jones diehards, archaeologists, and history buffs. Sports fans get an experience that captures the height of the football season and a coup by the opposing team; of course, you are the target of that coup. Casino Heist engages the James Bonds and those enamored by the world of organized crime. While each theme draws a slightly different group of patrons, the overall quality and excitement of the experience creates a fantastic experience that gives each of us the tools to do something entirely new and explore new facets of ourselves.

I know that being locked in a room may not sound like a lot of fun, but think about that for a moment. When you think about a “room,” what is your brain telling you? What preconceived notions of a “room” do you have? I see a conference room at work that is devoid of anything remotely entertaining. Maybe the motivational pictures on the wall inspired me the first two times I bothered to read them, but otherwise, that “room” is pretty plain.

Now let’s compare that to these escape rooms. What’s the difference? In essence, escape rooms are three-dimensional theatrical sets pimped out to the nines that immerse you in a new environment that involves all your senses. For example, when entering Egyptian Tomb, you aren’t just walking into a room that has dusty museum mummy on the far side of the room. This is a fully immersive experience. The tomb looks, feels, smells, and sounds real. Touch and puzzle over the objects until you find a clue. Finding your way out isn’t exactly simple either. The story for Egyptian Tomb puts the icing on the cake. It tasks you with retracing the steps of a long-missing archaeologist, figure out what happened to him, and then figure out the mysteries of the tomb. While some of those may overlap, that’s a tall order for an hour. You have to do better than emulate Indiana Jones; you have to become Indiana Jones, adventuring archaeologist!

Likewise, The Big Game uses the story to set the mood and lead you behind the scenes of professional football. Suddenly, you are in the head coach’s office. What mysteries does this place hold? I bet you have always wondered. Now, while entranced in this room you always wanted to see, suddenly you need to figure out what, if anything, in here will be useful for escape.

Let the story for Casino Heist draw you into a world of organized crime where the payoff is huge. Imagine all that money. You have the place, the plan, and the team. It’s like taking candy from a baby…except your mastermind betrayed you, leaving your team to get caught, take the blame, and wear an orange suit. However, there is a chance, a small chance, that you can still get out with the money and the skin on your back. Maybe you can treat yourself to a new suit afterwards.

All of these combine interesting plots with spectacular scenes, stellar effects, and great staff at an accessible location, making this a new engaging, convenient, and wonderful alternative to normal evening activities. For an evening, you are the star exploring new worlds, making that game possible, or collecting your fortune.

Combine all this, and you have a world-class experience at EscapeWorks Denver. Contact us, and become a star.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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