February 15

Expand Your Team’s Strategy at EscapeWorks Denver

Expand Your Team's Strategy at EscapeWorks Denver

Strategy is key to building a good team and achieving common goals. EscapeWorks Denver offers an experience which helps teams create innovative strategies. There is no better way to think outside-the-box than physically escape from one.

Whether you are a business, sports team, student group, or  a group of friends looking for a fun activity, our Denver escape rooms can bring you closer together and shine a light on your team’s strengths or weaknesses. Step into one of our several unique scenarios: a group trapped in an Egyptian tomb looking for clues left behind by a missing archaeologist, star football players locked in their coach’s office by their opponents, a group of CDC researchers working against time to save the world from a deadly epidemic, and more. Our rooms offer time-based challenges with complex problems teams may face, without the stress of homework, the office, or the stadium.

Here are some of the ways our escape room activities can help your team build a better strategy.

Learning other’s strengths

When your team faces unique puzzles, you will discover skills you never knew your teammates had. You can use what you learn about each other to tackle your next work, school, or team project. You might find your team falls into natural roles which can be beneficial for the organization of your team outside of the escape room.

Thinking ahead and multitasking

Just like real-world strategy, the escape rooms will require your team to look ahead and think about how to tackle various puzzles at once. You will need to develop strategies to assign different pieces of the puzzle to your team in order to beat the clock and escape.

Meeting a common goal

Each piece of the puzzle in our escape rooms are unique. Your team will need different types of thinking and strategy to solve them. While it is not impossible to escape the room on your own, working cohesively with your team will help you see things in a new way and might just illuminate the key to your escape.

Having fun

Your team’s strategy will be most effective when you are having fun! As you encounter your room and its challenges, your team will get to know each other, work together in creative ways, and learn to laugh along the way. When team morale is up, you will work more effectively to achieve your common goals.
For your own unforgettable strategy session, bring your team to EscapeWorks Denver. For information on our rooms or to book one today, contact us.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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