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Experience the Excitement of a Puzzle Room

Experience the Excitement of a Puzzle Room

You’ve probably heard of a puzzle room before. These group adventures are getting a lot of hype today. Whether you’re bringing your coworkers, or just a group of close friends, the adrenaline-pumping action of working together quickly to reach a solution has to be experienced to be believed. What better place to try a puzzle room firsthand than EscapeWorks Denver?

You and your group are locked into a themed room of your choice. The room is full of puzzles and clues you have to solve within the hour. Can you escape the room in time? Groups consisting of 2 – 12 members are welcome. EscapeWorks Denver is popular among churches, corporations, big families, couples, and those looking for a memorable bachelor or bachelorette parties.

What’s in a Puzzle Room?

Each room will vary in strategy, decor, and clues. If you’ve always dreamt of becoming a major football star, you can experience it in the Big Game room. Walking in the footsteps of the team’s star quarterback, you find yourself trapped in the locker room with no visible way out.

If you are more interested in decades than sports, you may want to try out Beyond the Flower Shop. Experience life as it was in 1926, when gangsters roamed the streets and the police looked the other way. Is the flower shop really as safe as you thought?

For the adventure seekers, the Egyptian Tomb will send you on a quest to find out what happened to a missing archeologist. Can you unlock the mystery and the door to your escape before time runs out?

Maybe you and your friends would rather live on the daring side and enter the Casino Heist room as a group of thieves. Your robbery was sure to be monumental, up until your leader decided to double-cross your team. Can you escape from the police with the money, or will you leave empty handed in cuffs.

At EscapeWorks Denver, we have many different rooms and themes to choose from. Our two latest rooms: Outbreak and Beyond the Flower Shop were just released this February with the capacity to hold larger teams for your next team-building event. To learn more about our rooms, please contact us.



$35 per person


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Denver, CO

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