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Feed Your Creativity at EscapeWorks Denver

Feed Your Creativity at Escape Works Denver

In order to keep your mind sharp, you need to challenge it. That is why it’s important to engage in activities that make you think. Whether it’s filling in the crossword puzzle from the Sunday newspaper, strategy games like scrabble, or attempting to solve the end of a new mystery novel, all of these activities act like brain teasers. These brain teasers are like workouts for your mind. Just like any other muscle in your body, you have to use your brain before you lose it.

If you are looking for a fresh challenge, one that you cannot attain by sitting in front of the TV or surfing the internet, then you should look into EscapeWorks Denver. Only the quick-witted and the determined will be able to escape.

Try Something New and Reap the Benefits

Feed your creativity at EscapeWorks Denver with the ultimate brain teaser. You will be locked in a room with your choice of family, friends, or your date, and given a puzzle to solve. Of course, if you are unable to find the solution you will not be trapped forever, but the atmosphere adds to the challenge. The ticking clock makes the activity even more challenging. You have one hour to escape from the themed room of your choice.

Escape Works Denver provides three puzzle rooms for your entertainment. In the Egyptian tomb, you follow the footsteps of a missing archaeologist. You must solve the ancient riddles in order to see the light of day again. For the sports fans, the ultimate challenge exists in the Big Game room. Just before entering the game, the opposing team traps you in the locker room. Will you be able to break free and lead your team to victory? And lastly, there is the Casino Heist. Picture yourself pulling off the most elaborate robbery of all time, but as you are about to leave with the money, your cover was blown. Can you make it out before the cops lock you away for good?

EscapeWorks is also working on their two newest escape rooms. Beyond the Flower Shop places you back into the 1920’s. The Outbreak room requires you to concoct a cure and escape the spread of rampant disease.

Not only will an escape room sharpen your mind and feed your creativity, it is also a story your friends and families will talk about for years. At EscapeWorks, we are here to create a fun, but challenging, activity. For more information on our rooms, or how to book your next event, contact us.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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