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Feed Your Inner Sherlock at EscapeWorks

feed your inner sherlock at escapeworks

Everyone has an inner Sherlock Holmes; the allure of mystery and craving for new experiences are all part of being human. We may have a varying amount of desire for thrill-seeking or different aptitudes for investigation, but EscapeWorks Denver provides an experience that caters to everyone, no matter their taste or preference. Our escape rooms present an opportunity to challenge your ingenuity, fully immerse yourself in the scenario, and feel the thrill Sherlock would have felt during all of his wild exploits. You can unleash the detective in you with one of EscapeWorks’ five escape rooms and lead your group to victory.

Choose Your Mystery

Be An Investigative Prodigy

You don’t have to watch the television shows or read the books to know Sherlock is a notorious detective celebrated for solving impossible cases, fictional though they may be. Fans of the character can test their knack for investigative work in intricately planned and coordinated escape rooms. There are a multitude of puzzles to decode, clues to decipher, and even secret rooms to discover. Not everyone who enters the rooms is able to find success in their endeavors and prove themselves to be Sherlockian masterminds. Bring a group of your friends or family with you and put your intellect to the test by attempting to solve each clue the room throws at you in record time!

A Thrill-Seeker’s Dream

Just like the detective hero got himself into sticky situations and dangerous positions, our escape rooms put you into similar settings to make your heart pound and give you a surge of exhilaration, without fear of real danger. The theme selection contains a wide range of eras spanning a speakeasy during the roaring twenties to present-day worldwide nuclear warfare. As different as they are, every room offers a fast-paced, electric experience. The excitement to uncover is boundless, and the pressure you feel in these environments is thrill-inducing, putting you in the same types of circumstances as Sherlock himself.

Become Any Character

Because EscapeWorks’ rooms are so unique and elaborately coordinated, fully immersing oneself in the story and setting comes easily to every participant. Your creativity is a key part of your experience in the escape rooms. You can become any character you want or embody any personality you think fits the specific environment you have been put into. Whether you want to be a scientist, a government agent, or even Sherlock himself, adapting to the setting and becoming a character will only enhance your experience and possibly help you figure out all of the puzzles and clues. Fully committing to the mission is how Sherlock solved his cases. You can do the same!

When seeking a Sherlock-esque adventure, EscapeWorks Denver is the prime opportunity to put on your thinking cap and solve the intricate puzzle that is an escape room. Our diverse variety of rooms suit any ideal or preference and the timer set for every room provides a thrill like nothing you’ve experienced before. Gather your fellow detectives and book a room with us  to release your inner Sherlock.

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