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Four Reasons to Try an Escape Room

Four Reasons To Try An Escape Room

Escape rooms have been growing in popularity for years, especially for those who love out-of-the-ordinary entertainment. The concept is simple, you and a few friends are locked into a room and are given one hour to escape. In order to find a way out, you have to carefully follow the clues to solve the puzzle. Whether you are trapped in an ancient Egyptian tomb, caught in a bank vault with the cops on your trail, or the success of your casino heist is hanging in the balance, escape rooms can be a serious step out of your everyday routine. If you are looking for new and exciting types of entertainment, here are four reasons to book an escape room.

#1: An Escape Room is an Exciting Experience

Science has taught us that we value experiences over our possessions. If you buy a new pair of boots or a new car, the value you place on that purchase is going to degrade over a short period of time. Experiences, however, will stay with you for years. If you are looking for a story you will remember the next day, then skip the night at the bar.

#2: An Escape Room Creates Active Participation

One of the things that people love about video games, is the feeling of immersion. You are not just passively watching a movie or reading a book with an escape room, you will be actively participating. An escape room is the type of entertainment that rewards skill, brains, and the ability to solve the plot. Have you ever wanted to become the hero? Instead of sitting at home on the couch trying to watch a movie while your daily distractions surround you, try entering a forgotten tomb. The chill of the room will give your arms goosebumps, and your mind will race to find a way out.

#3 An Escape Room Encourages Team Work

Engaging in small talk is never anyone’s favorite past time. Even if you are still getting to know each other, an escape room is an activity everyone can participate in. It is entirely more engaging than a board game night, and you will leave with great stories to tell.

#4: An Escape Room Leaves Virtual Reality at Home

An escape room isn’t just a fun immersive puzzle you can do with your friends, it is the opposite of virtual reality. You can physically take on the role of a quarterback, a tomb raider, or a bank robber in your next adventure at EscapeWorks Denver. Step into someone else’s shoes and maneuver your way out of the locked room.

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