April 18

Girls’ Night Out, What to Do?

girls' night out

After a long week of work, school, or motherhood, everyone needs a chance to decompress with their friends and enjoy some time away from the lengthy to-do lists and looming deadlines in their everyday lives. Where can you go to truly escape all the stress and lead a different life for a short while? EscapeWorks Denver is the answer! For a girls’ night out full of excitement and opportunity, visit us and try our escape rooms for an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

About Us

Downtown Adventure

The Mile High City is a place filled with wonder and possibility. There are many things to do downtown and EscapeWorks is just one of the fantastic stops that will give you and your girls a taste of the excitement in Denver. But your adventure doesn’t have to end with us. EscapeWorks is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by many different kinds of eateries, cocktail bars, and local attractions. There’s a classic diner right across the street, and a comedy club just a few blocks away for those weeks when you just need a laugh, and so much more. The options are endless so your night out will never be short of excitement.

Step Into Another World

The best kind of girls’ night out is one where you can step away from the stresses of life and into another world altogether. EscapeWorks can offer you exactly that. Our five escape rooms have themes spanning the globe and time itself, so there’s something everyone can enjoy no matter their tastes or preferences. With so many different characters to become and storylines to follow, you’ll have a fresh experience every time you come to our escape rooms.

Made Just for You

Escape rooms are meant to be enjoyed with a group because doing them all by yourself would be nearly impossible. An escape room is the perfect girls’ night activity because everyone is able to participate in the action and experience the fun and mystery in every room. It’s impossible to feel left out or bored in our escape rooms. You can strengthen the bonds of friendships by practicing communication and learning about each others’ skills you hadn’t seen before. Instead of simply having dinner or chatting over a glass of wine at home, add some spice to your night and go on the adventure waiting just outside your door.

It’s been said many times that “girls just wanna have fun,” and we agree! EscapeWorks Denver is the perfect girls’ night out experince, providing excitement and wonderful memories, no matter your age or occupation. You may not be able to go on a luxurious cruise or vacation with your friends, but you can always have an exciting getaway right here at EscapeWorks. Book a room with us for your fun night out!

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