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Throw the Coolest Grad Party Around!

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Unique Graduation Party Activities

Graduation season is upon us. Whether you’ve completed college, high school, or even the eighth grade, this is a time to celebrate! Buckle up for a tidal wave of parties, excitement, bittersweet last hurrahs, and the beautiful freedom from homework and finals (though it may only be temporary). So, while you and your friends are bouncing between graduation parties, it may be time for you to begin planning your event. Perhaps you would like to skip out on the elaborate party and opt for a smaller gathering, or you want part of your celebration to be reserved for your VIP guests. No matter what your preferences are, EscapeWorks Denver is where you can get the best of both worlds and create happy memories to look back on as you take this next step in your life.

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Main Event

There are people who enjoy smaller parties, whether that be because they’re not fans of large groups, or they want to treasure moments with the people who matter most to them. And maybe you’re one of those people. Take a break from the bustle of large parties by taking a group of your friends to EscapeWorks for more graduation party activities. Escape rooms are where you can have a blast with your friends, challenge yourselves, and get creative without the excessive noise and distractions of a bigger party.

The Perfect Sideshow

If you’re planning on the traditional backyard bash as the main hub for your graduation party activities, the festivities don’t have to stay in the yard. An escape room is an exciting activity for you and your friends to either get warmed up for the big show or keep the celebration rolling afterwards. EscapeWorks is located in central Denver, we’re accessible to the suburbs, and we’re located near other restaurants and attractions for your group to explore. After a party of pleasantries and small talk, let loose and go on an adventure with your friends in one of our five diverse escape rooms.

Last hurrah

Now that this phase of life has passed, you won’t be seeing many of your friends very often anymore as you go your separate ways. Graduation season is the time for last hurrahs before people move forward, and there’s no better place to plan your “grand finale” than at EscapeWorks. You can have some excitement and quality time with your friends while evading the police in a 1920s speakeasy, stopping World War Three, or escaping an Egyptian tomb. Explore another world with your friends as you enter a new chapter of your lives.

For a high school or college graduate, the endless parties and small talk become a bit old after a while. When your graduation party comes around, experience a change of pace and schedule an adventure for you and your friends as your main event or post-party festivities.

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