September 30

Guys Night Out in Denver

Guys Night Out in Denver

When the work week officially ends, it is time to plan a night with the guys. Rather than sit in the basement for another poker game, why not try something more adventurous? Break away from the same round of pool at the same bar. If you are looking for ideas, why not contact Party Bus Denver, get a group of your friends together, and see if you are quick enough to escape from a locked room?

If you are going to get a bunch of your friends together to do something memorable, then it has to be unique. That is where Escape Works Denver comes into the picture. What is an escape room? To put it simply, you and your friends are locked into a themed room and given one hour to escape. Escaping requires team work, and the ability to find and solve a variety of clues.  It sounds simple, but as the minutes tick off the clock, you will feel your pulse racing as you try to find the solution to this puzzle.

There are currently three themed rooms at Escape Works Denver, and each one offers its own unique setup and challenges for you and your party. There is the Egyptian Tomb, where you and your group are following the footsteps of a missing archaeologist, and now have to solve the ancient puzzle in order to escape. There is also The Big Game, where you play the role of the star quarterback with only 60 minutes until the big game starts. You have been locked in the coaches office by the opposing team, and need to get out there if you want to stand a chance of winning the game. Then there is the Casino Heist. You have been planning this job for months, when the mastermind sold you out. You are already elbow-deep in the job, and only have one hour before the cops get there. Can you break into the vault and escape?

Escape Works Denver knows that the real key to a great night out is getting involved in something unusual. Something out of the ordinary. When you head back to the office on Monday morning, your coworkers are going to be intrigued and surprised by your weekend activity at an escape room.

So what are you waiting for? Call up a party bus, get your friends together and contact us today to see if you have what it takes to escape.


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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