November 13

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You’d like to give your loved one the fun gift of an escape room at EscapeWorks, but you aren’t sure when they will want to or be ready to book their escape? EscapeWorks Denver offers gift vouchers of any amount for anyone on your list! They can use their gift voucher any time they want, and you won’t have to worry that it’s too early to get them something! 

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Egyptian Tomb

Your team will be transformed into a team of archeologists trapped in a mysterious tomb that has been locked since the 1940’s. You have 60 minutes to discover the fate of a famed archaeologist who mysteriously disappeared. Find out where he went, what he did, and how he spent his last days. Our Egyptian Tomb has an escape rate of 23%, do you dare?

Casino Heist

The time has finally come for your months of planning to come to action in this casino heist. Watch out for the cops, you’ve been ratted out by one of your former team members. Your 60 minutes flies quickly and the escape rate of this room is at a risky 12%.


In an abandoned CDC research lab, your team is the only ones safe from a worldwide deadly virus. Can you create a vaccine, protect your team, and save the world within 60 minutes? With a survival rate of 15%, your team is the last chance the world has. 

Speakeasy Beyond the Flower Shop

The most mysterious of our rooms require some ambiguity in its description. With a strict ban on alcohol and a setting of 1926, is this flower shop what it says it is? Police are dirty and the mob runs the city, what have you gotten yourself into? Beyond the Flower Shop has a high escape rate of 42%, the perfect starter room for any escape room novice.

War Games

Nuclear missiles are in play and the world’s superpower nations are at each other’s throats. Can your team break into an enemy bunker, disable the missile and stop the impending WW3? A 32% success rate says you just might be able to.

Looking for the perfect gift for mom, dad, cousins, or your significant other? Look no further, EscapeWorks Denver has the ideal gift for any and all you love this gifting season. Stop by today to pick up a few, or a lot. Take in one of our 5 escape rooms while you’re at it. Our escape rooms are a wonderful date night idea, family fun outing, or team building activity for your organization or company. 

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