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How Does An Escape Room Work?

how does an escape room work

There’s a lot of hype surrounding escape rooms, but not much information about how they really work is passed around. To many people, an escape room seems like a daunting, stressful test because of the mystery surrounding them. But understanding what you’re getting yourself into can help soothe uneasy and anxious minds. The majority of escape rooms share similar foundational rules, and once you know the basic concept of one, the only thing that differs between them is the quality of the details.

They’re Challenging

Starting at the simplest level, an escape room is typically one to two rooms depending on its intricacy and difficulty. You go into the room with a group of two or more, and you usually have about an hour to “solve” the room. Escape rooms are laden with mysteries and clues comparable to a sort of scavenger hunt, and the puzzles you’ll find can be anything ranging from figuring out lock combinations or solving riddles to find hidden keys. Many escape room facilities have different themes you can try, the most popular and frequently replicated themes being casino heists and archaeological digs. When you go to an escape room, you can expect a family-friendly, exciting game that can challenge and please everyone who enters.

They’re Popular

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular because they’re more functional and accessible than typical day-off activities. While many people opt for amusement parks or trips to the nearest city, an escape room is a more affordable option that brings excitement and thrill while also improving mental strength and agility. Solving puzzles and clues and communicating clearly and efficiently with your group all while under the pressure of a timer creates an intensified bonding experience, along with refining your brain. Instead of shopping, riding roller coasters, or just lounging at home all day, an escape room gives you the opportunity to take a break from stressful work but still remain productive.

They’re Just Plain Fun!

The premise of most escape rooms is essentially the same, but it’s certainly not a “once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all” kind of experience. When it comes to escape rooms, the devil’s in the details, and the quality of the room is apparent in the immersive nature of the room and the complexity of the clues and puzzles inside. Not only that, there are few facilities who truly capture the essence of unity and teamwork in their rooms. Some escape room companies master the execution of the details while going above and beyond to ensure their customers experience all the benefits of the room. EscapeWorks Denver leaves its patrons with a sense of awe and wonder and serves as a model for other escape rooms around the country.

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