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How to tell if an Escape Room Gift Card is the Right Gift

Christmas Stocking Card

EscapeWorks Denver Gift Cards are very popular gifts around the holidays, especially from thousands of happy customers who have contributed to our 4.9-star Google rating and who want to share the experience with their friends and family.

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In this post we will discuss several types of people who would LOVE to get an Escape Room Gift Card from you for the holidays.

EscapeWorks Denver Gift Card for Experts

  • Someone who loves Escape Rooms

    This is a no-brainer. For someone who loves the thrill of working with friends or family to complete a challenging task under a tight deadline, a gift card for an Escape Room is a great holiday gift. Buy it for 1 or 2, or if you’re feeling extra generous, give a certificate for even 4, 6, or 8 people so your giftee can invite a bunch of friends.
    EscapeWorks Denver Gift Card for Game and Puzzle fans

  • Someone who enjoys challenging puzzles and games 

    For someone who likes to spend time solving puzzles and playing board games, role playing games, or adventure games, an Escape Room visit will provide an entertaining and memorable event for them and their friends.

    EscapeWorks Denver Gift Card for People who like to do things

  • Someone who likes to get out and do stuff

    Not everyone likes going out and doing things with other people. But for those who are sociable and enjoy spending time with friends in an immersive, exciting setting, an Escape Room gift card will help answer the question “what should we do together?” After their event, they’ll get a photo of them and their group that they will treasure forever.

    EscapeWorks Denver Gift Cards for newbies

  • Someone who has never tried an Escape Room.

    For those who are hesitant to invest in a new kind of entertainment they haven’t experienced before, an Escape Room Gift Card is a great gift. Their hesitancy to spend money on something they don’t know much about or aren’t sure they will enjoy will disappear and allow them to book a room risk-free.

    EscapeWorks Denver Gift Cars for special occasions

  • Someone with an event coming up.

    Birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or just friends visiting town are great occasions to visit an Escape Room, and you can help your friend, relative, employee, or whoever to make the event easier to decide on and schedule if they have a reason to use your gift.

    EscapeWorks Denver Gift Cards for employees

  • Employees who like using their brains.

    An Escape Room Gift Card is a perfect gift for employees, and is a great way to give “outside the box” and not give them the same old fruitcake or chocolate sampler for Christmas. Giving an employee an Escape Room Gift Certificate for two people will be appreciated for its unique thoughtfulness, and the fun your employee will have using the Gift Card will remind them of how much you, their employer, value them and their work for you.

    EscapeWorks Denver Gift Cards for grandparents

  • Grandparents, to take the Grandkids.

    At EscapeWorks Denver, we see lots of grandparents bringing their grandkids (and sometimes their kids) to do an Escape Room. Often, those grandparents don’t exactly know what they’re getting into, but they always leave with a smile and a new appreciation for their grandkids and a new insight into them. Few opportunities allow grandparents to learn more about how their grandkids think, work hard, solve problems, and face adversity than the immersive, cooperative aspects of an Escape Room experience.

    Sad Man

  • Someone who does not like having fun.

    We can’t help you here. If your gift-ee doesn’t like doing fun things or getting out of the house for a new experience, then maybe a video game or a cheese roll is a better gift than an Escape Room gift card. Get the gift card for yourself instead and send them the group photo showing how much fun you had!

EscapeWorks Denver Gift Cards make great gifts for the holidays – and once a year, they are on sale: Black Friday! Check our Facebook Page this Black Friday, November 25, 2022 at 9 AM, for a code to get an exclusive and limited offer of 50% OFF any amount of gift certificate.


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