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Interactive Ideas for Your Reunion

Interactive Ideas for Your Reunion

Tired of the same old reunion plans? Tired of standing around talking about the past, or playing lame lawn games? Maybe you’re looking to connect with your favorite people. Whether it’s a family reunion, a group of friends from school, or neighbors you haven’t seen for a while, Denver offers a variety of mystery and escape interactive experiences perfect for you.

Remember playing the board game Clue? Well, there are several murder mystery theater events to help channel your inner detective. These are interactive dinner theaters with a mystery twist. The evening features a crime which the guests must solve. Some venues offer prizes, or will adapt the details to suit your particular group.

The Lumber Baron Inn and Gardens offers dinner theater murder mysteries throughout the year. Built in 1890, the mansion later fell into disrepair, but restored in the 1990s and now provides the perfect atmosphere for a “crime”. If you want to play at politics, from August through November the scheduled show will be “Campaigns are Murder”. But, if you decide to stay the night, beware–the inn is reportedly haunted.

At The Dinner Detective, Interactive Murder Mystery Show, the evening starts out with a cocktail party, followed by a four course dinner. But pay close attention, because somewhere, mingling with the group, is the murderer. The person who solves the mystery wins the “top sleuth” award.

Driving through downtown Denver, you may have noticed an old Hollywood style mansion. That is the home of the Adams Mystery Playhouse, one of the oldest mystery theater venues in Colorado. The Adams Mystery Playhouse begins with cocktails and a scavenger hunt, before moving on to dinner. After dinner, the audience witnesses the crime and begins the investigation. Your mystery may be set in a tropical paradise, or the French Revolution. Costumes are optional, but encouraged for many of the shows.

The newest interactive experience that everyone is talking about is an escape room. An escape room is an adventure game, but not a video game or virtual reality. This is a game you play personally. You and your group are locked in a room, which contains a series of clues and puzzles which you must solve in order to escape within the time limit. It gives a whole new meaning to “game night.” Imagine that you are the star quarterback, about to play in a championship game. The other team has locked you in a room to keep you off the field. You only have sixty minutes to escape. Can you do it? Whether you picture yourself as Indiana Jones or James Bond, EscapeWorks Denver has an adventure for you. There are lots of opportunities or everyone to participate in the adrenaline pumping thrill of getting out in time. The shared experience will leave everybody laughing and excited.

So make your reunion truly memorable—start a new tradition. Plan something out of the ordinary. Challenge everyone and get to know them in a whole new way. You’ll renew your bond and talk about the experience for years to come.

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