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Looking For The Perfect Graduation Gift?

Looking For The Perfect Graduation Gift?

The advent of early summer brings warmer temperatures, longer days, and—for high school or college seniors still recovering from the stresses and long hours of finals week—an opportunity to let loose and celebrate after receiving a hard-earned diploma. If you have a newly-minted high school, college, or even grad school graduate in your life, you may be eager to pick out the perfect graduation gift to show your admiration.

Giving an experience can be a great way to reward a new grad’s educational accomplishments, especially when this experience can boost the recipient’s self esteem while helping him or her flex some intellectual and creative muscles. Giving a gift certificate to EscapeWorks Denver can provide your grad with a once-in-a-lifetime graduation adventure with anywhere from 1 to 11 of his or her closest friends.

Read on to learn more about the variety of themes available at EscapeWorks to suit just about every new grad’s interest.

What Experiences Are Available at EscapeWorks Denver?

At EscapeWorks, participants will be able to solve clues and decipher puzzles in a variety of contexts. Cracking the code within 60 minutes will ensure escape (and bragging rights), while falling short can mean an eternity locked into one of the following scenarios:

Egyptian Tomb

Transported to modern-day Egypt, participants are “inadvertently” locked in an ancient Egyptian tomb to retrace the steps of a mysteriously missing archaeologist.

Casino Heist

After the mastermind of your criminal enterprise has partnered with the authorities, it’s up to you and your team of co-conspirators to pull off the heist of the century and escape with the loot within 60 minutes.

Prohibition Coalition

Transported to the days of speakeasies and mobster rule, when alcohol was illegal but far more sinister activities weren’t, you’ll need to uncover the mysteries that lie within a perfectly ordinary flower shop.


Modern media is obsessed with the idea of a post-apocalyptic societal breakdown, and in the Outbreak room, participants will need to track down a vaccine for a deadly disease before it takes down the entire group.

Give an EscapeWorks Experience to the New Graduate in Your Life

Even if you’re not sure which of these room options is perfect for your graduate, you can buy a gift certificate to let the recipient select the room (or rooms) later. Because each room can accommodate up to 12 participants, you may want to purchase a gift certificate in a denomination that will allow your graduate to invite several (or more) of his or her friends. Once your graduate has chosen a theme and invited a few friends along,it’s time for their EscapeWorks experience.

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