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Map Out Your Downtown Denver Spring Visit This Year


Denver is a gorgeous city, surrounded by dozens of places to visit and hundreds of things to see. If you’re going to visit for a weekend, it can all be a tad overwhelming, but there’s no reason to be intimidated! It may take some sifting, but there are a plethora of gems around the Mile High City worth a bit of your time. If you’re in the beginning stages of mapping out a downtown Denver visit this spring, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top rated and recommended stops for you to try on your expedition. 


Mutiny Information Cafe embodies the pathfinding nature of Denver and its inhabitants and is a must-have stop on your trip downtown this year. A hybrid of a coffee shop, a bookstore, and a record shop, Mutiny is a one-stop shop for Denver residents and a great starting point for people who are new to the city. Not only do they have amazing coffee and delicious kombucha on tap, but they also are excellent informants regarding the best stops in town for food and entertainment. Whether you need a caffeinated energy boost or pointers from a local, Mutiny’s a staple for your Denver visit.

S Broadway St

The same street housing Mutiny Information Cafe is also home to a mind-blowing variety of unique restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and activities for you to enjoy. Every shop encapsulates the energy and atmosphere Denver exudes, whether it’s the alternative and hipster feel of the indie-and-foreign-film-playing Mayan theater or the diversity of cultures represented in the wide range of restaurants. There are vegetarian restaurants such as Sputnik, designed to accommodate a wide range of diets and lifestyles, and late-night pizza parlors for midnight craving runs. Inclusivity is the name of the game in Denver, and Broadway Street is the best place to find it.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Of course, when you’re in Colorado, you have to visit the mountains and experience them in all their grandeur. There’s an infinite number of paths and trails to explore and follow, so there’s never an opportunity to get bored, and the spring season introduces the array of flora covering the mountains. Plus, if you stop at a visitors’ center outside the park for a brochure or a map, oftentimes you’ll discover a recommendation to get off the beaten path and “free hike,” away from the trails. Denver is all about finding your own way, and the National Park is a perfect representation of that.

Estes Park

On the North side of Rocky Mountain National park, just a couple hours away from Denver lies a gem called Estes Park, a city full of classic, vintage-styled architecture bursting with boutiques, restaurants, and breweries. The old-school vibe makes for an enchanting and relaxed explorative experience for all ages. Estes Park is home to the famous Stanley Hotel, Stephen King’s inspiration for his legendary novel-made-movie, so there’s some excitement for movie and literature geeks. Estes is a perfect town to turn to when you’re looking for a few hours of shopping and exploring the classic mainstays of Denver life, mixed with a splash of nostalgia and bits and pieces of the past.

The Candlelight Tavern

While the Food Network found the Cherry Cricket and gave it a stamp of approval for their burgers, they missed the true American-food gem of Denver: The Candlelight Tavern. It’s a bit of a hole-in-the-wall pub, but the staff is friendly, the atmosphere is chill, and their food is phenomenal. Don’t let their simplistic menu fool you Their onion rings can transform even the most adamant haters into believers, and their burgers are out of this world. Instead of following the lead of those before you on your Denver visit this spring, follow the less beaten path and experience the glorious tastes of The Candlelight Tavern.

Garden of the Gods

Only an hour from downtown Denver is one of the most underrated national landmarks in the country: Garden of the Gods. Mountainous, awe-inspiring formations of sandstone are there for you to marvel at, take Instagram-worthy snapshots of, and, true to Denver rules, even climb on. There are trails for you to follow to bask in the glory of some of the most famous formations, or you can be a trailblazer and discover new spots to explore. And, if you have little ones (and strollers) with you, there are easy-to-maneuver paved paths that still allow you to get up close and personal with the massive arrangements.


This city is an escape room haven. If you were to search Google or Yelp for escape rooms in Denver, you’d be flooded and overwhelmed by the number of results you would get. There are small local businesses and franchises, funky and weird styled rooms and scary rooms. There are so many options to choose from, but the best you’ll find is EscapeWorks. They embody the excitement and adventure that inhabits the entirety of Denver, and their rooms are so thoughtfully constructed that visitors find themselves immersed in the setting within the room. An escape room is one of the best activities to try that will please everyone and guarantee your entire group a great time. For information about EscapeWorks, contact them today!

Inside and all around Denver is a treasure trove of beauty and entertainment, and that’s what sets it apart from other vacation spots around the country. It’s a city built on inclusivity, exploration, and finding what sets you apart from the crowd, so there are ample ways to discover more about yourself and the world around you. There’s something in the Mile High City for everyone, and there’s always a new and exciting experience around every corner. During your spring Denver visit, stop by one of these gems and see the greatness of the city within each one. The Mile High City is your oyster, and this spring is the time to find your pearl.


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