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Origins of Escape Rooms

The Fascinating Origins of Escape Rooms


While escape rooms have been wildly popular among adventure seekers for many years, these games are a relatively recent phenomenon. For instance, the very first modern escape room was developed just 16 years ago, and the industry has grown and evolved exponentially ever since. Here are a few interesting facts about the origins of escape rooms and where they’re headed in the future.

Escape rooms are actually inspired by other types of games, including Live Action Role Playing (LARP). LARPING involves reenacting scenarios, such as battles from movies, books, or even historical events, while dressed as the original characters or figures from history. Physical escape rooms also derive inspiration from online escape games, which require the player to solve puzzles to free themselves from a room or environment.

Who Created the First Escape Room?

Most people consider Takao Kato as the originator of the modern escape room. Kato is the founder of SCRAP, which first opened its doors in Japan in 2007. The concept quickly caught on as players realized all the fun and excitement involved in solving puzzles in a specific amount of time. SCRAP eventually made its way to the US in 2012, which contributed to the escape room boom that is still going strong in this country.

What Does the Future Hold for Escape Games?

Escape room trends continue to progress, making them even more dynamic and exciting for players. For instance, some games use VR and AR technology for a totally immersive experience. This technology can put players in many amazing environments, including far off worlds and remote destinations. Some rooms also use audio/visual equipment to create exciting soundscapes and visual effects. Of course, puzzles also become more challenging every day, which really puts players to the test.

At EscapeWorks Denver, we love sharing our passion and excitement for escape games with our guests. We also strive to create the most exciting and compelling experience for you and your group, whether it’s your first time playing or if you’re a seasoned professional.

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