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Our Casino Heist Escape Room

Our Casino Heist Escape Room

When Ocean’s Eleven came out in 2001, it sparked a nationwide fascination with casino heists, the elaborate schemes coordinated to execute them, and the dream teams that pull it all off. The swanky, stylish swagger of Ocean’s criminally-elite crew has seen many imitations over the following years, and now you have a chance to join in on the excitement. In EscapeWorks’ Casino Heist escape room, you can form your own troupe and see if you can pull off the larceny of the century.

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Set the Stage

For months and months, your team has been carefully and meticulously planning this heist. Everything was going according to plan until your leader went rogue and turned you into the police so that he could try to complete the job by himself and take all of the profit. But don’t let the shock and betrayal get the best of you, because there’s still time for you and your team to take control and finish it yourselves! Your squad has 60 minutes to sneak from the casino into the vault and make your escape before the authorities catch up to you. Can you pull it off, or will your plan be foiled thanks to the disloyalty of your leader?

You may have a general idea of what you’re getting into, but when you try your hand at our casino heist escape room your team needs to be as prepared as possible. Here are a few “dos and don’ts” that will help you pull off the plan in the least amount of time possible:


Come in with a game plan: You don’t have to spend years hashing out all the details of your plan like Danny Ocean, but you should come in with at least a loose strategy. When you have your tactics planned out, the escape runs more smoothly and you’re more organized.

Assemble your dream team: When you’re really working hard to beat the escape room or set a record, you can’t just bring anyone in with you. Make sure you bring teammates who have critical thinking skills, patience, and competitive drive so that you’re with people who want to complete the mission as badly as you do.


Lose your cool: When there’s so much going on with both the storyline and the puzzles you have to solve, it can be easy to let stress get the best of you. But just like in Ocean’s Eleven, when the plan starts to go awry, the best way to turn things around is to keep your composure. Otherwise, you lose focus and your mind forgets the mission you’ve set out to complete.

For more information about our casino heist escape room, visit our website and submit an inquiry, or give us a call. Danny Ocean and his crew await you at EscapeWorks, so stop by and see if you have what it takes to be in their league.

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