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Our Employees Favorite Food Spots

mono mono

While working downtown can be a hassle with finding parking, constant construction and traffic, it does have its benefits. One of the benefits is having a wide selection of food to choose from every day. There’s nothing like treating yourself to some good food to take the edge off! For those unfamiliar with the downtown area, I’ve compiled a list of our employees favorite food spots; we hope you’re hungry, otherwise you surely will be after reading this!

Mono Mono KFC

Mono Mono KFC Wings Favorite Food Spots

Starting out strong, we have Mono Mono Korean Fried Chicken (KFC). This is a favorite among many of our staff, discovered by Helena. We love treating ourselves to this crispy deliciousness on long busy nights. Brought to Colorado by JW Lee with the purpose of diversifying cuisine, you seriously can’t go wrong with these wings. Additionally, Mono Mono also has plenty of appetizers and sauces to choose from. Even while slathered in sauce, these wings will always be crispy- even when reheated. Is it magic? We sure think so.


Obento's Bento Box Combo Favorite Food Spots

Next is Obento, a small hole-in-the wall restaurant with a modern feel to it. This cute little spot serves a variety of Japanese food. Ramen, bento boxes, a variety of appetizers, poke bowls and sushi. Let’s not forgot about their boba either! This is a favorite of Felix (and a few others) and we find it hard not to order from here daily. After all, it’s right on 16th St Mall. If you want something quick easy and delicious, Obento is the place to go.

Make Believe Bakery


Now, can’t forget about dessert- allow us to introduce you to deliciousness, Make Believe Bakery. This bakery is 100% vegan and allergen free, but don’t let that scare you away. All of their sweet treats are beyond delicious, all made with love by an LGBTQ+ friendly staff. Helen’s favorites from here are the nut-free banana bread and edible cookie dough- and those are just a few of the many treats they have to offer. This bakery also does custom orders, wedding cakes, you name it.

Dos Santos

Dos Santos Favorite Food Spots

Next, a favorite of Matt’s- Dos Santos. This restaurant offers hip and urban Mexican cuisine and spirits. You can enjoy these crafty and delicious street tacos served in industrial, wood-accented digs. Their takeout menu is quick and convenient- they offer taco kits, where all the toppings and ingredients are separated and packaged. They also offer margarita mix to go too. Whether you want to spend a night out or take it home for movie night, Dos Santos keeps it convenient.

Ted’s Montana GrillTed's Montana Grill Favorite Food Spots

Lastly, we have Tobi’s (A.K.A my) personal favorite, Ted’s Montana Grill. This restaurant not only has mouth-watering food, but it also prides itself on sustainability and hospitality. Each location is a classic and cozy saloon-style environment. Everything from locally sourced produce to paper straws or two dollar bills- Ted’s Montana Grill won’t just provide you with a meal, but an experience as well. Have you ever had a bison-meat burger or bison nachos? Maybe it’s time to give them a try!


$35 per person


1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO

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